Welcome to the Cyber Cauldron

My name is Draco of the Dragonstar I have been a practicing eclectic witch for about 30 years now. I originally started of as Wiccan as most new to the craft do but after several years as Wiccan with the constant you should not do it that way attitude of elders I felt myself being drawn away from Wicca and towards a new spiritual path and after looking at many other paths that I started to notice one major fact I was much happier working solitary.

So about 10 years ago I decided to go solitary permanently leaving behind the group workings and moots and began to focus on developing my own path mixing rituals and practices until where I found a unique balance which is perfect for me.

After talking with friends and those new to the craft I felt their was a need to come up with something that was not tied to any path but a place where information was freely available so Cyber Cauldron became this.

Now many who follow Cyber Cauldron on Facebook will know for about the last year my heart and not been in this site basically because it became so much for just myself after some damage was done to the site when I moved hosting and lost the shop which was attached my heart was no longer in it but with the start of 2013 and a new design I am ready to continue the challenge to create a web site dedicated to eclectic witchcraft.

So I would like to welcome you to this site hopefully you will find some interesting information on witchcraft and the occult.

My Brightest Blessings to all Draco )o(/|

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