Creating a meditation / Pathworking with Tarot

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Now we often use Tarot cards for reading or spell work or we may meditate on a single card. But yesterday I started on creating a meditation / pathworking and to be honest I can with any honesty say I made this technique up I may have heard of it years ago and just recalling the process or adapting a similar one, but I will share.


You will need

A pack of Tarot or Oracle Cards

Book of meanings which normally come with pack

Note pad



The process

celtic-cross-spreadShuffle the pack in the normal way and draw 11 cards at random and lay them face down. The lay out we are going to use is the cauldron / Chalice and wand this is a similar lay out to the Celtic cross but the positions have different meanings.

You must bare in mind that your not doing a reading as such this is why we use a book of meanings to jot down basic meanings and keywords.

Remove the first card this will be the Significator card and keep it face down and to one side you will need it at the end.

The next 6 cards (The cauldron / Chalice) will represent the self and the influences upon yourself.

In the note pad jot down the headings,

What covers (internal states and situations)

What Crosses (obstacles things to over come)

What crowns (ideas need to over come)

What is beneath ( reasons why things are the way)

What is behind (what caused it)

What is before ( what the next step)

Now take the book of means and turn over and look up the second cards meaning and under your first heading (What covers) jot down the keywords and meanings of the card there is no need to copy out full meaning just basic ideas continue to do this for the next 5 cards.

Now go and take a break have a coffee watch a bit of TV the return and Jot down these headings for the next 4 cards which will be the wand.

What is feared (what am I scared of)

What others feel (how do others see me)

What is wished (what are my deeper desires)

What may come (how do I get a better future)

Again take your book of meanings and jot down keywords for each card (6 card what is feared etc)

Now put away all the cards apart from the first card (the Significator) and again take another break.

When you return turn over the Significator card and write down the scene the card portrays and any images that come to your mind.

Now put everything away and give it a day or two and return and take out your note pad and create a story putting your self in the scene you saw from the Significator card and using the headings write the story step by step. Once you have written the story record the story with some soft music and when you feel ready get your self-comfortable and play back the recording and listen to it like a guided meditation.

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