Drawing down the sun

Drawing down the sun ritualAn often forgotten ritual but has a great importance in modern witchcraft since much of modern neopagan witchcraft has stemmed from Wicca. Many of the traditions and practices have been adapted to suit the new and emerging paths and although much emphasis still remains with the goddess that God aspect that has emerged much more than a consult.

Although Wicca considers the duality of the divine duty equal power still lies with the high priestess and often overlooked ritual is the drawing down of the sun. This is a ritual, done by the high priest, although I have heard of high priestess is performing the ritual with some fascinating results to say the least.

The drawing down the Sun ritual can be found inside the covers of the witches Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar below is a selection of text and the ritual from this book.

Since Wicca is a goddess orientated religion, laying particular stress on the gift of the goddess (intuitive and psychic facilities) because of the nature of its work. The complimentary process of invoking the spirit of the guard into the high priest occurs less often. The high priest does invoke the God aspect on the half of the whole Coven, during the opening ritual by means of the great God Cernunnos invocation; and in the

Imbolc, spring Equinox. Midsummer, autumn Equinox, Samhain and Yule Festival rites, their high priestess invokes the spirit of the god into the high priest either specifically or by implication. But we have found that there are occasions when it is fitting that this invocation should have a weight and solemnity comparable with the drawing down of the moon. For example, there are times when the work in hand calls for an emphasis on balance of polarity between priestess and priest-on their gift of the goddess and the gift of the God in perfect harmony.

For those who have felt the need for such a rite. We offer the following-for which drawings down the sun seemed the natural title. Doreen Valiente thinks that there may once have been a ritual for this purpose in the craft, but it has been lost over the years.

Because the high priestess, representing the goddess is always in charge of the circle, we suggest that drawing down the moon should always precede drawing down the time the high priest then invokes the God aspect in the name of the goddess.

The preparation.

No particular preparation is needed for this ritual-except that the covenant possesses is a high priest crown, he should be wearing it.

The ritual

At the end of drawing down the moon after the high priestess words, “. Here, I charge you in this sign “, the high priestess and high priest change places, moving deosil , so that he stands with his back to the altar and she faces him from the centre of the circle.

The high priest picks up his Athame from the altar and holds it His right-hand over his left breast points upwards.

The high priestess gives him a five-fold kiss, as follows:

Blessed it be thy feet that have brought thee in these ways – kissing his right foot and then they’re left.

Blessed be thy knees that shall kneel at the sacred altar – kissing his right knee and then a left foot.

Blessed be thy phallus with out which we would not be – kissing him just above the pubic hair.

The high priest spread his arms to be the blessed position, still holding his Athame in his right-hand point upwards.

The high priestess continues,

blessed be thy breast, formed in strength-kissing his right breast, then the left will stop.

Blessed be thy lips that shall utter the sacred names. They embrace, length for length, and with feet touching and kiss each other on the mouth.

The high priestess steps back, a pace and kneels s. She invokes:

Deep calls on high, the goddess on the God,

On him who is the flame that quickens her;

That he and she may seize the silver reins

And ride as one the twin horse chariots.

Let the hammer strike the anvil,

Let the lightening touch earth,

Let the lance ensoul the Grail,

Let the magic come to birth,

She touches with the right forefinger is throats left in hip right breast left breast right hip, and throat again (thus forming their invoking pentagram of fire). She then spread their hands outwards, palms forward. Meanwhile, she continues to invoke;

In her name. Do I invoke thee,

Mighty father of us all-

Lugh Pan, Belin, Herne, Cernunnos-

Come in answer to my call!

Descend; I pray thee, in thy servant and priest.

The high priestess stands and takes a step backwards. The high priest makes the invoking pentagram of fire towards her with his Athame, saying. Let there be light!

Click to enlarge direction from which to draw pentagrams

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