Galdor Taufe

OFFERING 150x150 Galdor TaufeAnother way of using Galdor is Galdor Taufe, the naming of an object (a poppet, amulets etc). The term Galdor Taufe means “To baptise using voice / song”.

The object to be names should first be purified and cleansed in a simple rite of the elements.(this takes the form of whatever the individual feels appropriate).

The object is then wrapped in dark cloth or placed in a pouch. This is then held at your solar plexus and the name is sung 3 times. Then it is held at the forehead and the name is again sung 3 times. It is then place at the genitals and the name is sung for the final 3 times.

You now unwrap or remove from pouch symbolising the birth of the name object. You then hold it to the sky and announce the name to the gods and give a blessing.

Anything empowered this way should be considered a living being – and treated accordingly. Taufe means baptised and, as such, the object is born and named and blessed by your desires, Remain mindful of the energies you have contained.

New Runes are each, individually; named using Galdor Taufe once they are made.

Ritual objects e.g. Chalice / drinking horn, Athame etc are also named in this way.

Some types of amulets / talismans can also be named, when these have served their purpose the MUST be destroyed. To do this you ‘un-name’ the object by un-singing the name (singing it backwards) and performing the naming rite in reverse. This will release the energies you contained, rendering them mere matter, the object is then destroyed.

NEVER destroy a name object unless you have un-named it. To destroy an object without un-naming is a form of murder.

Do Not Abuse What You Are Responsible For!!

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