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    The Goddess that rules today is Nehalennia,she is the Germanic Goddess of commerce. She was worshipped in the area that is now the Netherlands, and was prevalent when the Romans arrived in the area. Shrines to Nehalennia depicted her holding a basket of fruit and accompanied by a large dog, and sometimes standing on or next to the prow of a ship or holding an oar. Votive inscriptions often thanked her for safe passage across the North Sea, confirming her identification with trade and commerce. Nehalennia’s name, which is thought to mean “seafarer” or “steerswoman,” is also seen as Nenhellenia.Her gemstone is the serpentine.

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    The spells we share with you are meant as a guideline. It is always our suggestion that you make them your own by using ours as a template. Remember, that magic is only as good as ones intent and focus and the intent you use is what defines your spell. Use of all spells is at your own discretion.

    IMBOLC- Casting a Justice Spell
    Tying strips of colorful cloth to Trees

    This is used for those who have a just cause that needs to be heard.
    The patron Goddess of Imbolc is Brigid. During the time of growing light that which is hidden light dust bunnies are shown in the light. Just as the dust bunnies are revealed so can the light be shown on wrong deeds,, good deeds and fairness. It is a perfect time for a Justice Casting.
    Centuries ago, strips of cloth were tied to trees around the sacred wells to requests for healing and mercy from the spirits of place. So today, we tie the cloth strips to trees to request justice via the sun, earth, wind and water into the great web of spirit, where all things are balanced out. Blessed by the fiercely protective Brigid this spell is not about revenge or getting even, but, about redressing a grievous imbalance. Imbolc is a time for rendering all things anew. Redeeming balance is part of the process.
    What you need to have on hand:

    1. Fireproof dish with charcoal disk
    2. matches or a lighter
    3. 1 tsp of myrrh
    4. 1 white candle 6-8" in length
    5. 1 purple candle 6-8" in length
    6. 13-12" x 3" of white cotton (natural) cloth
    7. A favorite tree where you will do your casting ( if you can not do this outside gather a dead tree branch which you can prop up and tie your cloth on it.) Whichever you do try to have it where the strips can stay on the tree or branch undisturbed as long as possible.


    1.Cast your magik circle making sure to call Brigid into your circle
    2. Light the charcoal disk, and sprinkle the dry myrrh on it
    3. Light the white candle, saying: "Brigid is here!"
    4. Light the purple candle saying: " And justice will come."
    5. Speaking your anger, fear, or despair at the injustice you wish redressed into each strip of cloth, seal them by passing them separately through the incense smoke.
    6. Hang them loosely on a dead looking the tree branch(es) and placing your hand on the topmost twig, say:
    "Brigid, pity this branch for it is as dead as my enemy's cause."
    7. To the tree as you tie each cloth stirp loosley to its lower branches say:
    "May the earth hear me in the roots of this tree,
    May the air carry my cry
    May the sun take up my pleas
    and the moon decry it
    For with Brigid on my side
    My cause is carried."
    Based on spell from The Spells Bible by AGallagher

  • Moon phases
    The Full Moon

    Full Moon is when the moon has reached its zenith, it forms a perfect silvery sphere in the sky. This is a time for spells that transform, increase psychic ability, for fertility spells and invocation to lunar goddesses.

    This is a time of strength, love and power.

    At this time the moon represents the Goddess in her Mother aspect, give praise to Cerridwen, Isis or one of the other Mother Goddesses. The period of the Full Moon lasts from about 3 days before to 3 days after the actual full moon.

    Moon of Celebration"
    Location: Moon is 180 – 255 degrees ahead of the Sun

    Span: Fourteen days to seventeen and a half days after the New Moon.

    Time of the Mother Goddess. Anu, Hera, Isis, Demeter, Freya, Luna, Diana, Spider Woman, Chaos, Frigg, Morrigan, Ta – Urt. Beautiful, radiant MoonMother. LadyMoon.

    Positive activities:
    Very intuitive and productive time. Especially: Fertility; Magic; Dreams; Meditation; love; Matters of the home; Beauty; Money; Creativity; Psychic abilities. A time of heightened feelings. Not a good time for major decisions for they will be colored with emotional debris. Do not seek medical treatment, inoculations, operations are at its least favorable. Wounds bleed more, and the formation of scar tissue is more pronounced.

    Major workings should occur now. This is the climax of the obvious moon power. Relates to the Growing plant as it pierces the ground.


    Full Moon Rituals/Magick

    Posted by Lady of the Abyss ♥ ( Witches of the Craft.com )

    The Full Moon each month is particularly potent magickal ally. Some of your best magick can be created under her influence and with her guidance. Although there is only one night every month which the Moon is totally full, a Natural Magician knows that two days before and two days after the Full Moon are also good times for magickal endeavors. Use the following as a guide for your spellcrafting.

    January Full Moon – Wolf Moon
    Good for…..
    Spells involving organization, ambition, career, politics, healing for the knees, bones, teeth, skin.

    February Full Moon – Ice Moon
    Good for………
    Spells involving science, freedom, friendship, breaking bad habits or addictions; healing for the calves, ankles, blood.

    March Full Moon – Crow Moon
    Good for…….
    Spells involving music, art, telepathy, dreams, healing for the feet and lymph glands.

    April Full Moon – Planter’s Moon
    Good for….
    Spells involving authority, rebirth, leadership; healing for the face and head.

    May Full Moon – Flower Moon
    Good for……
    Spells involving love, money, acquisition; healing for the throat and neck.

    June Full Moon – Strawberry Moon
    Good for…..
    Spells involving communication, writing, travel; healing for the arms, hands and lungs.

    July Full Moon – Blood Moon
    Good for…….
    Spells involving the home and for honoring lunar gods and goddesses; healing for the chest and stomach.

    August Full Moon – Corn Moon
    Good for…..
    Spells involving authority, courage, fertility; healing for the upper back, spine, heart.

    September Full Moon – Harvest Moon
    Good for……
    Spells involving employment, health, diet; healing for the intestines and nervous system

    October Full Moon – Hunter’s Moon/ Blood Moon
    Good for………
    Spells involving justice, unions, balance (spiritual and otherwise), artistry; healing for the lower back and kidneys.

    November Full Moon – Snow Moon
    Good for……….
    Spells involving power, psychic growth, sex; healing for the reproductive organs.

    December Full Moon – Cold Moon
    Good for……….
    Spells involving travel, sports, truth, animals; healing for the liver and thighs.

    It is very likely that you will find different names for each month’s Full Moon, depending on which source and traditions you use. It really makes no difference what you call the Full Moon; these correspondences still apply. And of course, you don’t have to wait for the “correct” Full Moon. These guideline just help add the appropriate Goddess energy to your own natural energies to meet your desires.

    Sources: Thewhitegoddess.co.uk
    Amazing art by: Jarto

    Many Full Moon Blessings

    Magickal Moonie
    Yvonne )O(

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    Poor widdle kitty!

    Image shared via the Pagan Radio Network facebook page:

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    IMBOLC is nearly here and here is a lovely oil for u all to make up and use…..start of another week with lots of great things planned so if ur needing some supplies or wanting somewhere brilliant to go come see us first have a great Monday everyone ♥
  • Good morning everyone and welcome to a new week may this week bring you all you…
    Good morning everyone and welcome to a new week may this week bring you all you need and as we move forward to Imbolc may you find new things to start which will ultimately improve your life Brightest Blessings Draco )o(/|\
  • Star Trek Guide to Neo-Paganism

    Gene Roddenberry went to his grave, telling…

    Star Trek Guide to Neo-Paganism

    Gene Roddenberry went to his grave, telling stories that, although they supposedly happened light years away, were relevant to our every day lives. From the beginning, he claimed that the characters and races on Star Trek were parallels for people here on Earth. Little did anyone know that the characters were actually taking on traits of Neo-Pagan sects across the country! Was Gene Pagan? Who knows, but sit back and enjoy this little trip, where no Pagan has gone before…

    Wiccans – The United Federation of Planets

    The Federation means well. They let just about everybody into their little social club, so long as they agree to play nice. They don't talk about rules much, but keep referring to one Prime Directive that all other laws are based on. That said, they frequently violate that rule when the need suits them. Often heard speaking in various UK accents, even though they're not from the islands (Et tu, Jean-Luc?)

    Asatruar – Klingons

    Obsessed with honor and combat. Have no qualms with eating meat and eat it with obvious relish. Insist they did everything first ("But Hamlet is so much better in the original Klingon.") And who wants Klingon opera, when you can have Wagner's Die Neibelung?

    Ceremonialists – Vulcans

    Have you ever heard someone say, "Excuse, I was reading this and wanted to tell you: "anal retentive" has a hyphen in it."? Everything is very orderly in their universe. No room for untidy things like emotions and the like.

    Druids – Bajorans
    (with special guests: the Tuatha de Dannan as The Prophets)

    You cannot separate the Bajorans from their faith. Religion permeates the very air they breathe. Although this should be a unifying force on their devastated environment, they are constantly fighting with one another. Like many other races, they are subject to charismatic leaders.

    New Agers – Betazoids

    Profoundly psychic when you don't want them to be; dense as a rock (crystal) when you actually need some help. Spend an awful lot of time talking about "vibes" and are perpetually concerned with how others feel. If they weren't so damn cute, you'd just want to smack them. You only see the women of this race.

    Numerologists/Kabbalahists – Binars

    Numbers are everything, don't you know. Can loudly pronounce a given number (93!) and have people laugh at it like it was a punch line. Draws all sorts of really interesting links between things based on the numerological significance. Socially uncouth. The only difference between the Binars and numerologists is that Binars have mates that understand them.

    Setians/Satanists – The Skin of Evil
    (the oil slick that killed Tasha Yar)

    A long time ago, a race decided to sluff off all their evil, mean and nasty emotions. They physically excreted these emotions into a big pile of black ooze. The race bailed off the planet, leaving the ooze which, over time, became sentient… sort of, and delights in causing fear and pain in others.

    Dianics – The Women of Angel 1

    Imagine a planet where women are in charge! It is a wonderful, peaceful place. Everyone gets along all the time and no one ever goes hungry. Yeah, right. Behind the facade of perfect love and perfect trust and gyno-unity, there is an iron fist in that velvet glove. And, surprise, surprise, the gynarchy is subject to the same power struggles and in-fighting that the rest of us are.

    KayOs MagicKians – The Children of Tama
    (Damok & Jilad on the ocean)

    I know I'm speaking English, and I know that they are speaking English. However, sometimes, you just can't seem to understand what these souls are trying to tell you. Although they have something valid and wonderful to share with the Federation, what they have to say is mired in a language that excludes more than it includes. Fnord.

    Llewellyn Publications – the Borg

    Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Your history and beliefs will become part of the Borg Collective, where they will be watered down and spread out evenly between everyone in our race. Lower your shields and hand over your money; resistance is futile.

  • 17th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Vine, Bell Ring
    Characteristics: Day of inner free…

    17th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Vine, Bell Ring
    Characteristics: Day of inner freedom, joy of being, experience of eternity and ecstasy. Day of celebration, transformation of feminine energy Shakti, fertility, growth and accumulation.

    Recommendations: Day is good for cultivating inner freedom, joy, laughing, celebrations, wine drinking (in moderation), dancing, singing. Beneficial for couples relationships, sexual contacts and exchange of energy, and is wonderful for a marriage. Love is the brightest aspect of the day, but may bring unexpected surprises to everyone not careful with this energy. Recommended – power physical exercises, sports, yoga.

    Precautions: Avoid creating restrictions and difficulties today, arguments, anger, fighting. Avoid falling into binge and rowdiness. Don't take offers, and don't give promises, so not to create debt and diminish freedom. Unreleased, stuck, and unsublimated sexual energy can cause health and behavioral problems.

  • Moon Day 17
    A good day for marriage, the birth of children, family holidays and…

    Moon Day 17
    A good day for marriage, the birth of children, family holidays and household chores. It favours all occupations connected to homes, households and land. The use of alcohol, medicines or drugs on this day should be strictly limited. Only Albert the Great describes this day as particularly negative.
  • Monday — Moon's day
    Middle English monday or mone(n)day
    Old English mon(an)dæg…

    Monday — Moon's day
    Middle English monday or mone(n)day
    Old English mon(an)dƦg "day of the moon"
    Latin dies lunae "day of the moon"
    Ancient Greek hemera selenes "day of the moon"
  • Sunrise: 7:52 AM GMT
    Sunset: 4:52 PM GMT
    Length of Day: 8h 59m
    Tomorrow will be…

    Sunrise: 7:52 AM GMT
    Sunset: 4:52 PM GMT
    Length of Day: 8h 59m
    Tomorrow will be 3m 11s longer.
    Moon Rise: 6:50 PM GMT
    Moon Set: 7:54 AM GMT
    Moon Phase: Full 99% Illuminated

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