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    Moon phase is waning crescent (19%). Moon is in Sagittarius! Zoey ♥ WEDNESDAY, FEB 6, 2013 – PLANETARY INDEX: 3/5 Venus and Uranus offer opportunities for new and exciting contacts and experiences, although you may want to defer decisions under a Mercury/Neptune conjunction. Tonight, couples are filled with forgiveness and love when Venus aspects Jupiter. Share the joy. Singles, there are lots of vivid characters out there – for better or worse. Aries: Computers and other equipment could go haywire today, limiting your abilities to work at maximum efficiency. Even though you're usually calm and laid back, Aries, today the ogre in you may be tempted to emerge. Don't let it. It will only cause tension between you and those around you. Stay calm and focused, call in a technician, and enjoy the break from your routine. Taurus: Don't try to sign up for a class over the phone or online today, Taurus, as it probably won't work. This also isn't a good day to travel – delays are likely whether you fly or drive. If you've been planning a trip, don't finalize the arrangements now. Wait a few days, as computers and other equipment used in such arrangements are likely to malfunction, and you could end up frustrated. Gemini: No matter what friends tell you, Gemini, this isn't the day to make an investment of any kind, from buying a house to starting a savings account. And this isn't a good day to invest online. The planetary energies don't favor computers or other forms of modern technology used in such transactions, so wait a day or two. Discussions about possibilities are OK. Just don't do it yet. Cancer: More than one problem with modern equipment could rear its head today, Cancer. Computers could malfunction, crash, or be maddeningly slow. You might also have a hard time reaching people you need to talk to. Don't be tempted to blow your top. That won't accomplish anything. Just call the technicians and get it handled. Tomorrow everything should be back to normal. Leo: A trip of some kind might have to be postponed, as computers and other technology involved in your arrangements might be temporarily out of operation. This can prove frustrating, Leo, but it's beyond your control. The best thing to do is make new arrangements and move on. For the most part, everything is going very well for you, so don't give in to panic. Hang in there. Virgo: Some upsetting dreams might haunt you today, Virgo. They might evoke some uncomfortable emotional issues. You might be a bit edgy emotionally and more likely to overreact when other people quarrel or machines break down. It might be a good idea to analyze your dreams first thing in the morning so you can learn from and release them. That way you will be more balanced throughout your day. Libra: Machines are likely to pose a few problems today, Libra, particularly where work and money are concerned. An unforeseen problem might interfere with your social life, perhaps forcing you to cancel a get-together you've been anticipating. If the person you were supposed to meet protests, avoid taking out your frustrations on him or her. Make new arrangements. It's only a temporary situation. Scorpio: Obstacles may arise in the course of your chores when machines break down and interfere with your efficiency. Your frustrations may cause you to want to yell and throw things. If you must blow your top, Scorpio, do it in such a way as to avoid causing upset to others. Go for a workout or jog. The machines will be fixed and the situation will pass. Hang in there. Sagittarius: Payment for work you've performed may not come when expected, Sagittarius, particularly if direct deposit is involved. The planetary energies today don't favor the smooth functioning of computers or other machines. This is a temporary setback and not worth stressing over. Don't give in to the temptation to lose your temper. All will be straightened out and your funds will be in their proper place. Capricorn: Family members might not be in the best of moods today, Capricorn. Frustration with machines or friends could have tempers on edge, so try to avoid the temptation to get into arguments. The problems will be resolved and the bad moods will pass. You don't want any residual bad feelings between you and them. This is a good day to get out and spend the day in the bookstore by yourself. Aquarius: Problems in your community may result from malfunctioning machines. Be prepared, Aquarius. Have flashlights handy in case of a power outage, and walk instead of drive in case signals cause major traffic jams. Neighbors may be going crazy, but try to stay calm. This is a temporary situation, and not worth getting all stressed over. A good piece of advice is to spend the day reading. Pisces: Temporary upsets regarding money might result from a computer failure of some sort. Take care not to lose your temper over it, Pisces. Instead, remain calm, focused, and polite until everything is worked out. Your financial condition itself still looks very promising. It's just that the planetary energies don't favor machines today, so they may all go out of whack. Hang in there.

  • Hi guys my cousin Emma is taking an important exam at 6pm GMT could you all send…
    Hi guys my cousin Emma is taking an important exam at 6pm GMT could you all send her some extra energy for confidence and allow her mind to recall the answers she need thanks in advance BB Draco )o(/|\

  • Timeline Photos
    @[200060813363243:274:American Horror Story] "Salem" COMING OCTOBER 9!
    Making their return in the latest installment of the anthology series slated to bring a modern twist to the Salem witch trials is series alumni Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Jessica Lange and Sarah Pauslon. Though details have been highly secretive, AHS writer and Director Ryan Murphy said in a statement..

    "I sorta feel like for the third version I want to do something that’s a little bit more 'evil glamour' … One of the things that I missed this season was I really loved having that Romeo & Juliet youth story with Violet and Tate [in Season 1]." He added, "We're contemplating shooting [Season 3] in a place in the country where true horror has been. We’ve got lots of delicious plans."

    @[271564372901620:274:Horror Central]

  • Timeline Photos
    The Goddess that rules today is Lada,she is the Slavic Goddess of spring, love, and beauty. She was worshipped throughout Russia, Poland, and other areas of Eastern Europe. She is usually depicted as a young woman with long blonde hair. She carries wild roses, and is also known as the “Lady of the Flowers“. As Goddess of spring, Lada is associated with love and fertility in both humans and animals. She is said to return from the underworld every year at the Vernal Equinox, bringing the spring with her.Her gemstone is the red beryl.
  • http://yaoiville.org/bryony/fun-kicks/mgk-name.php just for fun I got Cirrus Ar…
    http://yaoiville.org/bryony/fun-kicks/mgk-name.php just for fun I got Cirrus Ars Magica for my birth name let me know what you get and if it fits

    Magical Name Generator
    Having trouble finding the right magical name or looking for inspiration? Why not give this little trinket a try. It's by no means the most comprehensive list around, but you might be pleasently surprised with the results. Not only does it supply you with a new magical name, but it lists either the…

  • Good Morning everyone well it’s Wednesday may the day bring lots of laughs, grea…
    Good Morning everyone well it’s Wednesday may the day bring lots of laughs, great friends and a loving family may the Gods smile on you and keep you safe Brightest Blessings Draco )o(/|\

  • Correspondences: Spring Flower Magic
    With spring comes blooms and blossoms everywhere — learn how you can use some of your garden's loveliest plants in your magical workings.

  • What's Up With Love Magic?
    Wondering what's up with love magic? Well, it's something that comes up a lot, so why not read some of these great pieces that deal with magic and matters of the heart!

  • Love Spells, Charms and Customs From Around the World
    Love has driven us for centuries, and it's no surprise that there's plenty of magical folklore surrounding the needs of the heart! Learn about some of the customs and traditions that were used to draw love to the lonely in days gone by.

  • Ethics of Love Magic – Is it OK to Perform Love Spells?
    Love magic is a popular topic of debate in the Wiccan and Pagan community. Are love spells ethical, or are you violating someone's free will? Believe it or not, the answer may depend on the rules of your tradition.

  • Deities of Love and Marriage
    Throughout history, nearly all cultures have had gods and goddesses associated with love and marriage. Learn about some of these deities, and how they relate to the the mortal concept of love.
  • 26th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Swamp.
    Characteristics: Critical day. Day of vanit…

    26th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Swamp.
    Characteristics: Critical day. Day of vanity, false pride, alluring deceit, provocation and test.

    Recommendations: Day is best spent relaxing, or taking care of the most necessary, routine work. Talk less, and listen more. Restraint, moderation, cleansing and fasting is recommended.

    Precautions: Avoid empty, futile activity, arguments, fights, false liaisons and contacts, loosing energy.

  • Moon Day 26
    An inauspicious day. Don't start anything new, be temperate, and get…

    Moon Day 26
    An inauspicious day. Don't start anything new, be temperate, and get rid of anything superfluous or harmful. Also, try to avoid unnecessary outlays of money and energy. At the same time, this day helps you to see the real face of other people and unveils those who wish you harm. Its influence on health is mostly negative.
  • Wednesday — Woden's day
    Middle English wodnesday, wednesday, or wednesdai
    Old E…

    Wednesday — Woden's day
    Middle English wodnesday, wednesday, or wednesdai
    Old English wodnesdæg "Woden's day"
    Latin dies Mercurii "day of Mercury"
    Ancient Greek hemera Hermu "day of Hermes"

    Woden is the chief Anglo-Saxon/Teutonic god. Woden is the leader of the Wild Hunt. Woden is from wod "violently insane" + -en "headship". He is identified with the Norse Odin.

    Mercury is the Roman god of commerce, travel, theivery, eloquence and science. He is the messenger of the other gods.

    Hermes is the Greek god of commerce, invention, cunning, and theft. He is the messenger and herald of the other gods. He serves as patron of travelers and rogues, and as the conductor of the dead to Hades.

  • Sunrise: 7:38 AM GMT
    Sunset: 5:08 PM GMT
    Length of Day: 9h 29m
    Tomorrow will be…

    Sunrise: 7:38 AM GMT
    Sunset: 5:08 PM GMT
    Length of Day: 9h 29m
    Tomorrow will be 3m 31s longer.
    Moon Rise: 4:21 AM GMT
    Moon Set: 12:57 PM GMT
    Moon Phase: Waning Crescent 20% Illuminated

  • Pagan Humor
    This funny provided by Maggie Ahrens :)
    Spot for the general pagan funny haha's :). ALERT! None of the photos posted are mine (unless otherwise stated). I claim no ownership of any of the photos posted. If you know the owner of any of these pictures please tell me so that I may apply credit :). Blessed be )O(

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