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    I will not stand down when someone tries to knock me down…My father taught me that….believe in yourself and be strong….Lady Patti

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    Find Your Spiritual Animal

    Prepare. Be centered, grounded and ready for a spiritual experience.

    Consider your intentions. This is a religious, spiritual, and supernatural exercise. If you go into it with the wrong frame of mind it will have consequences and costs. Make sure you're not doing it for the wrong reasons.

    Relax. Find a place that you feel safe and comfortable, and where you won't be interrupted. Treat it as you would a meditation. Consciously follow your breathing.

    Methods for Finding Your Spiritual Animal Meditation. When you feel ready, close your eyes

    Create a place that makes you feel comfortable. This could be a natural place like a meadow or a beach. It could also be somewhere man-made, such as a zoo or park. Trust your instincts.

    Spend some time experiencing your surroundings. When you feel ready, begin to explore. Go anywhere that arouses your curiosity. Consider the idea that everything you find is something created by your mind to teach you something.

    It is believed that after a period of time meditating, ranging from several hours to several days, you will hear your spiritual animal or understand what it is.

    Keep a journal of your meditations. Some animals may come and go, and some may stay. Keeping a journal of your interactions with these animals will help you learn more about yourself and your animals.

    Call your animal. Ask your animal spirit to come into your meditative state so that you can talk to them one-on-one. Spend time with your animal and learn how the two of you interact. Be open to anything it may have to offer and ask any questions you might feel are appropriate.

    Look for reoccurring animals. If you start seeing an animal frequently, this could be your spiritual animal revealing itself to you. (i.e If you see an elk on a nature program, drive past an elk lodge and then hear someone talk about going to Elk Grove, Wisconsin–all within the same day–this could be a sign.)

    Consult a Shamanic Practitioner. They may have methods or advice for finding your spiritual animal or helping you to determine what it is. Be aware that finding a Shamanic Practitioner in your neighborhood isn't as easy as doing a Google search or looking in the phone book. You may have to ask around or investigate on your own.

    Honor your animal. It is believed in Shamanic Practices that you gain a deeper connection with your spiritual animal by honoring it. In doing this, you're letting it know that its assistance in helping you with your life is appreciated.

    (Information from WikiHow)

    Posted by Lady Patti

    Reposted by request – This is one way to help find your Spirit animal…Please research, meditate and don’t give up…they are out there waiting for you.
    I Hope this helps those who are still searching for their spirit animals and have asked for this information…

  • Dont forget http://cybercauldron.co.uk/shop really could do with people helping…
    Dont forget http://cybercauldron.co.uk/shop really could do with people helping lol :( like all pagan paths take what you need leave what is not needed and connect to the goddess or god within their maybe a local shop that needs your business so support them it may cost a few extra pennies in a pagan store but they can't buy bulk. And yes i have bought supermarket candles and herbs of the shelf!! but a few pennies extra spent supporting children of the goddess when you can must be a priority, and we are all struggling, but if we are so are they !so dont buy for need buy from those that need!!!! plan ahead!!!!! BB Draco )o(/|\

    Why Support Pagan Shops?
    Many towns and cities are home to Pagan shops, but unfortunately they tend to come and go. It’s a rare Pagan shop indeed that lasts more than a few years – your favorite store may be there one day, and vanish the next. Here are five reasons why it's important to support local Pagan shops.

  • Techonopaganism – Using New Technology to Study Old Religions
    Ever wonder if you really can blend science and spirituality? Is it okay to combine modern technological advances with nature-based religions? Sure! Find out why and how the internet has changed not only what we study and how we study, but who we study it with.

  • Can I Join a Coven I Found Online?
    Many Wiccans and Pagans use the Internet to find a local coven. What sort of safety tips should you keep in mind when meeting up with a coven you've found online?

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    Are you Pagan clergy with services to offer our readers, such as handfastings, baby blessings, or memorial celebrations? You can post your listings here! Readers, if you're looking for Pagan clergy in your area, be sure to check our listings to see who's near you.

  • How to Become Pagan Clergy
    In most Pagan religions, the priesthood is accessible to anyone who’s willing to put the time and energy into it – but the requirements tend to vary, depending on both your tradition, and the legal requirements of the place where you live. Here are some tips on becoming Pagan clergy.

  • Finding a Pagan Teacher
    Are you ready to start looking for someone to teach you about modern-day Paganism? Great! Here are some tips to keep in mind when you get started – as well as some hints on what NOT to do.

  • Older Adults New to Paganism
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  • How to Meet Other Pagans and Wiccans
    Ever worry you might be the only Pagan in town? Well, you could be, but it's not likely. Chances are good there are other people just like you — and they're probably feeling alone too. If you've decided it's time to find some good old-fashioned fellowship, here are some ideas on how to find those e…

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    Organized Religions are quite comfortable and totally dependent on man's written dogma or doctrine for their survival and faith.
    There is little or no room for individual Divine revelation found within the confines of a controlling dogma.

    Nearly the opposite is found within the Pagan belief system. Our beliefs allow for infinite meanings and interpretations.
    In the same way every thing of creation is different from all other things, so it is with our spiritual beliefs – founded within the uninhibited nature of all Creation.

    [pic is from desiderata848.deviantart]
    Known as the Zone of Silence, it is a place where radio waves barely permeate the air. Located between the states of Chihuaua, Coahuila, Durango & 400 miles from U.S. Border, something in the area makes it almost impossible to receive radio, television, cell or any other sound related transmissions. The exact cause of this phenomenon has not been fully explained to date, with many theories abounding that the area has been heavily influenced by extra-terrestrial & other paranormal activities.

  • Old tales: Jarilo
    Science ruins these great stories with earth rotation and climate changes blah blah blah. I would much rather hear a story like the one you told. Way more fun and interesting.

  • Slavic God of Spring Jarilo
    God of Spring (Male) also the partner of Goddess of Winter – Marzanna Notice the Solar disk and the tree of life – familiar images in many religious traditions

  • Jarilo
    Jarilo alternatively Yarilo, Jarovit, or Gerovit, was a major male Slavic deity of vegetation, fertility and spring, also associated with war and harvest.
  • Jarilo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jarilo (Cyrillic: Ярило or Јарило; Polish: Jaryło; Croatian: Jura or Juraj; Serbian: Đurilo; Slavic: Jarovit), alternatively Yarilo, Iarilo, or Gerovit, was a major male Proto-Slavic deity of vegetation, fertility and spring, also associated with war and harvest.
  • About the Powers of the Moon Goddess Selene
    It's not possible to talk about the powers of the moon goddess Selene without discussing the powers associated with the goddess of the moon in many ancient cultures. Many of …
  • Selene is a Greek Goddess whose presence is felt when the moon is full. In the…
    Selene is a Greek Goddess whose presence is felt when the moon is full. In the triple phase of womanhood, Selene is the fruitful mother at the Full Moon who stands proudly between the maiden Artemis at the Waxing Moon and the crone Hecate at the Waning Moon.

    Selene is usually depicted with a pale face and a crescent-shaped crown on her head. She wears a cloak in the traditional color of red for the Mother Goddess while raising a torch to light the night sky. A silver chariot pulled by winged white horses race in the night as Selene lifts up her power and fills the heavenly realms.


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