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    Dragon Friend and Protector Spell-

    This will be a relatively small Dragon(s),

    Gather 5 small pieces of ribbon, each a different color, they don’t have to be more than 6” long.
    One translucent stone of any color.
    Use the 5 pieces of ribbon to weave a pentagram, single point up,
    Weave it as a summonsing pentagram.
    Place the stone over your third eye and chant:

    "Myriad of colors, shining bright,
    Bringing happiness, love, and delight,
    Tiny Dragons, friends to be,
    Come now, I ask, and join with me.
    Friendship found and love abounds."

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    "Living by synchronicity isn't merely about getting messages. It is about growing the poetic consciousness that allows us to taste and touch what rhymes and resonates in the world we inhabit, and how the world-behind-the-world reveals itself by fluttering the veils of our consensual reality." ~ Robert Moss

    searching for artist…

  • Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards [20] – £10.81 : The Cyber Cauldron, Where Magick Come
    The Cyber Cauldron Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards [20] – 44 Card Deck and Guidebook This easy-to-use deck of oracle cards is appropriate for beginners as well as those experienced with divination cards. Fairies are beloved "nature angels" who, since they're so close to the earth, are…

  • Dill Seeds Used in Money Spells 150grms [3626] – £3.03 : The Cyber Cauldron, Where Magick Comes to l
    The Cyber Cauldron Dill Seeds Used in Money Spells 150grms [3626] – Dill is used mainly for protection, money and love. Hang in sachets above the front door to protect the home, hang in sachets on a cot to protect the baby, use Dill seeds in money spells. Inhaling the fragrance of Dill seed is belie…

  • Saturn (mythology) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Saturn (Latin: Saturnus) was a god in ancient Roman religion and a character in myth. Saturn is a complex figure because of his multiple associations and long history. He was the first god of the Capitol, known since the most ancient times as Saturnius Mons and was seen as a god of generation, disso…

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    Today (Mar. 2) is 20th of Anthesterion, and thus mark our celebration of the Lesser Mysteries of Eleusis!

    The Lesser Mysteries took place under the direction of Athens' archon basileus. In order to qualify for initiation, participants would sacrifice a piglet to Demeter and Persephone, and then ritually purify themselves in the river Illisos. Upon completion of the Lesser Mysteries, participants were deemed mystai ("initiates") worthy of witnessing the Greater Mysteries.

    "the ultimate design of the Mysteries … was to lead us back to the principles from which we descended, … a perfect enjoyment of intellectual [spiritual] good." ~ Plato

    picture: Votive plaque depicting elements of the Mysteries discovered in the sanctuary of Eleusis; mid-4th century BC; National Archaeological Museum, Athens

  • Saptaratna Stone for Spiritual Wealth

    £9.75 plus P&P

    The shining jewel pu…

    Saptaratna Stone for Spiritual Wealth

    £9.75 plus P&P

    The shining jewel purifies the heart and represents all the treasures of Buddhism.

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    The Mother shares Her love in the falling rain
    The Mother shares Her love in the corn and grain
    The Mother shares Her love in the warm hearth fire
    The Mother shares Her love in the breeze that flies
    Great Mother may we share with you our gift of song
    We raise our voices joyfully, we raise them strong
    Oh, Mother we are grateful for all you do
    And we have come together now in praise of you

    I offer this humble offering with my whole heart.

    Ela Déa Oréa (Come beautiful Goddess)

    Shares Her Love
    By Kellianna
    Celebrating Beauty and Wisdom in Every Moment & the many Blessings From the Goddess Each and Every Day & Night. ♥

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    Raven Fey by brigidashwood.deviantart.com

    Artist's words about this piece:

    Oak, Ash and Thorn (Hawthorn) trees are known fairy hang outs. Supposedly when these three trees are found growing together you've found a fairy gathering place.

    All the trees that grow so fair
    Old England to adorn
    Fairer are none beneath the Sun
    Than Oak and Ash and Thorn
    Sing, Oak and Ash and Thorn good sirs
    All on a Midsummer's morn
    ~Rudyard Kipling


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  • 20th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Eagle.
    Characteristics: Day of spiritual transform…

    20th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Eagle.
    Characteristics: Day of spiritual transformation, elation, overcoming of doubts, making of important decision, taking action, learning of Cosmic law of life. Symbol of spiritual and religious hero.

    Recommendations: Day of understanding the meaning of life, finding life's purpose. Cast the doubts away, make an important decision, and take important action today. Stay focused on the most important goal. Best time for study of sacred spiritual texts, spiritual growth, enlightenment. Day to take care of family and home. Ideal for fasting.

    Precautions: Save energy, spending too much energy is dangerous. If feel lack of energy, avoid new important actions (business), the results may be unexpected. Avoid pride, jealousy, doubt, anger. Animal food should be avoided.

  • Moon Day 20

    A beneficial day in all traditions, especially for important begin…

    Moon Day 20

    A beneficial day in all traditions, especially for important beginnings. Good for marriage. However, this day may be difficult for those who are ill and children born on this day may have a difficult temper.

  • Saturday — Saturn's day
    Middle English saterday
    Old English sæter(nes)dæg "Satu…

    Saturday — Saturn's day
    Middle English saterday
    Old English sæter(nes)dæg "Saturn's day"
    Latin dies Saturni "day of Saturn"
    Ancient Greek hemera Khronu "day of Cronus"

    Saturn is the Roman and Italic god of agriculture and the consort of Ops. He is believed to have ruled the earth during an age of happiness and virtue.

    Cronus (Kronos, Cronos) is the Greek god (Titan) who ruled the universe until dethroned by his son Zeus.

  • Sunrise: 6:51 AM GMT
    Sunset: 5:51 PM GMT
    Length of Day: 10h 59m
    Tomorrow will be…

    Sunrise: 6:51 AM GMT
    Sunset: 5:51 PM GMT
    Length of Day: 10h 59m
    Tomorrow will be 3m 55s longer.
    Moon Rise: 11:57 PM GMT
    Moon Set: 8:30 AM GMT
    Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous 77% Illuminated

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    25 Easy to Find Witch’s Herbs For Ritual, Spellwork and Magick

    * Most of these herbs can be easily found any herb shop or grocery store.

    Name Use Witchey Name

    Amber success and good fortune Goddess Scent

    Bergamot money, success to lift spirits Bee Balm

    Cedar purification, love, money, psychic powers Sops in Wine

    Cinnamon attraction, speed, purifying, stimulation, money Sweet Wood

    Echinacea strengthening powers Coneflower

    Frankincensepurification, luck, protection, spirituality Oilbans

    Garlic protection, healing exorcism, lust, anti-thief Stinkweed

    Holly protection, anti-lighting, luck, dream magick Bat Wings

    Irish Moss money, luck, protection Carrageen

    Ivy protection, healing Gort

    Jasmine love, money, prophetic dreams Jessamin

    Lavender love, protection, sleep, chastity, happiness Elf Leaf

    Lemon Verbenalove, purification Cedron

    Marigold protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters Drunkard

    Oats beauty, money

    Peppermint love, psychic powers, sleep, healing Brandy Mint

    Rosemary purification, healing, sleep, mental powers Sea Dew

    Sage immortality, longevity, protection, wisdom, wishes Sawge

    Sandalwood protection, healing, wishes, spirituality Santal

    Tea courage, riches, strength Black Tea

    Thyme health, healing, sleep, psychic powers Garden Thyme

    Valerian love, protection, sleep, purification All Heal

    Willow divination, protection, healing, love WitchesAspir

    Wintergreen protection, healing, hex breaking Teaberry

    Yarrow courage, psychic powers, love, exorcism Devils Nettle

    Lady Abigail
    Copyright 05012000
    Author Lady Abigail: Information via Witch of the Old World Book of Herbs by: Lady Abigail on CD. All rights reserved under the US copyright laws and statues. Copyright © 12312011. For more information or see to purchase see: The Glass Witch Magick Shoppe: http://www.theglasswitchmagickshoppe.com/product/witch-of-the-old-world-cd-book-of-herbs-by-lady-abigail
    * Because we have to: The Don't be Stupid Clause or Disclaimer … If you are allergic to this herb don’t use it.

    The information contained herein is not intended to replace the services of trained health professionals. You are advised to consult with your health care professional with regard to matters relating to your health, and in particular regarding matters that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

  • Witch reveals heart of Roma
    While documenting his native Romania, photojournalist Mugur Varzariu met a witch of Roma origin. At first he thought he would only witness sorcery, but she exposed more than just her magic. Through her, he saw the pulse of the community.

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