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    I have been a practicing witch for over 10 years now, with still so much to learn, it is a never ending lesson. I believe I have been Pagan my whole life, as a child I would see spirits, I would dream them, and when I would touch something, I would know it's whole life story. As I grew, and the…
  • Happy Making …. the Hekate Symposium 2013 is happening, bookings open from tod…
    Happy Making …. the Hekate Symposium 2013 is happening, bookings open from today at www.theurgia.co.uk. Expect me to enter into Hekate-fever just about now, with the Rite of Her Sacred Fires a week before the Symposium :-) (I promise to at least try and contain myself! ) ♥

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    The Hekate Symposium, Glastonbury (England, UK), 1st of June 2013, www.theurgia.co.uk for more information!

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    Phases of the Moon

    The phases of the moon greatly affect your spell work, since it is a symbol of the triple Goddess – Maiden Mother Crone. The moon affects the Earth's tides, so why wouldn't it affect our spell work.

    New Moon
    The New Moon is the phase where the moon is just starting to be seen. I have noticed that at the new moon, you can see a faint outline of the rest of the moon, because the sun is so powerful behind the moon (especially coming up to the Summer Solstice. A new moon's power may be embryonic, but you can be sure that the power of any spell cast at this time will continue to increase as time goes on. It is the best time to do positive rituals, as the power of the Moon is increasing. This is the time to cast a spell for renewal and growth. The new moon represents the Maiden phase of the Triple Goddess.

    Waxing Moon
    From the time a new moon is sighted until it reaches the height of its power as a full moon marks the cycle of the waxing moon. The lunar power constantly increases during this time and as such its an ideal time to cast a spell requiring growth and/or the fulfillment of a request.

    Full Moon
    Now the moon is at the height of her strength – any type of spells are done at this time, and it is the time of the Esbat, the time to worship and perform ritual for the Mother Goddess. The Full Moon represents the Mother phase of the
    Triple Goddess.

    Waning Moon
    The power of the moon is now waning, being drawn inside for later use. You should cast spells now for resolution or for something to be concluded. Banishing and binding rituals are best performed (remember karma!).

    Dark of the Moon
    The Dark of the Moon is the phase where you cannot see the Moon at all. This is in the three days before the New Moon. All the power of the moon is now internalised and being withheld for later use. Be cautious when casting spells at this time because while the power of the mo n is strong, it is also unpredictable . A time for divination and reflection. The dark moon is where the sun and moon rise and set at the same time. A dark moon gives birth to a new moon. The Dark Moon represents the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess.

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    Al-Uzzá is one of the three chief goddesses of Arabian religion (Wathanist). Al-‘Uzzá was also worshipped by the Nabataeans, who equated her with the Greek goddess Aphrodite Ourania (Roman Venus Caelestis). A stone cube at aṭ-Ṭā’if (near Mecca) was held sacred as part of her cult. She is mentioned in the Qur'an Sura 53:19 as being one of the goddesses that people worshiped. Al-‘Uzzá, like Hubal, was called upon for protection by the pre-Islamic Quraysh. "In 624 at the 'battle called Uhud', the war cry of the Qurayshites was, "O people of Uzzā, people of Hubal!" The temple dedicated to al-ʻUzzá and the statue itself was destroyed by Khalid ibn al Walid in Nakhla. Shortly after the Conquest of Mecca Muhammad began to despatch platoons and errands aiming at eliminating the last symbols reminiscent of pre-Islamic practices. He sent Khalid bin Al-Walid in Ramadan 8 A.H. to a place called Nakhlah, where there was a goddess called Al-‘Uzza worshipped by Quraish and Kinanah tribes. It had custodians from Banu Shaiban. Khalid, at the head of 30 horsemen arrived at the spot and exterminated it. The first known mention of al-‘Uzzá is from the inscriptions at Dedan, the capital of the Lihyanite Kingdom, in the fourth or third century BC. She had been adopted alongside Dushara as the presiding goddess at Petra, the Nabataen capital, where she assimilated with Isis, Tyche, and Aphrodite attributes and superseded other Wathanist Goddesses.
  • Good morning everyone was going to start of with a great insight but the more I…
    Good morning everyone was going to start of with a great insight but the more I wrote the more it got away from me lol so all I am have a wonderful day may the gods bring you all you need Brightest Blessings Draco )o(/|\

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    Adrian Bott: There is no definitive historical evidence that a goddess named Eostre and her hare companion was part of pagan folklore

  • Eostre – Teutonic Goddess or NeoPagan Fancy?
    Eostre is frequently mentioned in NeoPagan writings, but it's pretty hard to find any scholarly information about her. Is Eostre truly a goddess of early Germanic peoples, or is she the product of modern imaginations?

  • Spring Equinox Celebrations Around the World
    Although for Wiccans and Pagans this time of year is known as Ostara, many other cultures and belief systems embrace the Spring Equinox as a time of celebration. Learn about some of the many holidays and festivals held around the world.

  • Relax : You Are A Joke – Ego Dissolution Guide
    A closer look at the archetypes of the human organism – in particular the false ego. Goto http://wizardforums.com/member.php?action=register&referrer=2296 to…

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    In the mood to laugh ♥

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    ou will need:

    – eggshells
    – food dye
    – vinegar
    – paper towel
    – egg carton
    – soy candle wax, bees wax or just normal candles to melt
    – candle wick with metal tab
    – wooden skewers or chop sticks.

    1. Clean your eggshells in some soapy water and rinse and leave to dry.

    2. Place a few drops of food dye into a bowl of vinegar. One bowl for each colour. Place your eggshells in the dye bath and roll them through the dye for about 30 seconds. Keep the eggshell in the dye for longer if you want a stronger colour. You can use a spoon if you don’t want to colour your fingers.

    3. Dry your coloured eggshells on some paper towel. Place dried eggshells into an egg carton.

    4. Cut a piece of wick to 10cm in length and thread it through your metal tab. Secure the metal tab & wick to the bottom of eggshell using some melted candle wax. Tie the pieces of wick to a wooden skewer to keep the wick out of the wax.

    5. Melt some candle wax, always do this using a pan of water then melt the wax in a smaller container in the hot water, never put candle wax straight into a pan as it can explode from the heat, but it is very safe by melting over boiling water like in the image. You can melt down normal candles, or you can buy bees wax, soy wax or any other kind of candle wax.

    6. Pour the melted wax into the eggshells as carefully as possible. Use a funnel if you have one.

    7. Leave your eggshells to dry for a few hours and once the wax is hard you can remove the wooden skewers and trim the wick.

    8. That is it, you can put them where you want, you can make a little basket with hay in it to put them or put them into egg cups, they will also float on water.

    If you are not comfortable melting wax, you can use small tea light candles and put them inside the egg, you will need to make the egg gap to put them in big enough.

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    These are wonderful internet shares that are perfect for printing into pages for your personal books.
    Posted by Lady Abigial

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    Magick: Black or White
    Author: Lady Abigail

    Recently, during a class on magick someone asked me what I consider the differences between black and white magick are. I could see the look of surprise in their eyes when I answered: None.

    Somehow this wonderful gift has been categorized. The magick we practice is either good, white magick or bad, black magick. I don’t believe any magick to be white or black; it is only magick.

    The idea that magick must fall into some predetermined category is a sad misconception. Somehow, we have allowed others to place their ideas of what magick is, or is not, upon us. Magick is simply a beautiful gift of wisdom, understanding and power.

    There was a time in our history when all magick was honored and those who had these gifts were also honored. Yet over the centuries, and with the insertions of other religions, this changed. For a time, all forms of magick were looked upon as evil or black. If anyone believed you worked or practiced magick, you could — and most probably would — have been put to death.

    Every Witch has the ability to call the powers that be, for all the possible reasons. In understanding that magick is as different as the stars in a night sky, we choose whether or not to use this gift for what we see as good or bad. I personally choose to work within the powers I believe are best for my spiritual journey and myself.

    Over the years, I have had the opportunity to speak with many Witches about their personal concepts and reasons for how they choose to work magick and ritual. Many choose to work within what is primarily considered to be good or acceptable magick because, it feels right within their own spirits.

    Karma, The Three -Fold Law, and the Wiccan Rede, all reflect the belief in what most of us see as a natural law of “cause and effect.” My Great Grandmother called it, Circling Magick. That force of nature that brings all which is sent out back to its source. I’m sure most of us have heard the saying “what goes around, comes around.” Most likely first said, by a Witch.

    Unfortunately, this marvelous concept has been taken, mixed with other religious ideas, and all but for a word, placed before us as some kind of ‘sin’. Complete with fear of retribution and severe punishment.

    The ultimate gift we have received is now lost due to the fear of chastisement if we do anything, magick or ritual, outside of what someone else believes is right. Regrettably, this misunderstanding has caused some Witches to avoid working any magick for fear of reprisal if they transgress what is acceptable.

    I am not saying that you have a right to go out and hex someone. Nor am I am saying you have the right to punish or wreak havoc in the world, just because you can. Witches use great care in how we work any magick, not out of fear of retribution, but simply because Witches do what is right, because it is right.

    Most Witches are generally scholars of life, human nature, and people. We understand the daily problems of the mundane world are going to come and go. It would be ridiculous, not to mention extremely exhausting, to try to hex or curse everyone that annoyed us. We understand that people are going to occasionally disappoint us, lie and even break our hearts.

    Then of course you have those that cut you off while driving, take your parking space, and do the one finger wave as the speed by. We may get angry, but we still understand that this is life and we get over it.

    As for me (and many other Witches), I have no problem casting a spell, doing a work of healing, or helping someone find answers they are seeking in life. This is not seen as harmful. Or is it?

    I had a young Wit (Witch In Training) tell me that, if in casting a spell, I healed someone, preventing them from dying, I was forcing my will on them; to change their life, or death, was wrong. If they were to die, I should just allow them to die.

    Granted, the young person had no idea I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and told my odds of survival were low. Plus I was going to do everything I could to beat the disease and live.

    I don’t believe the powers that be, Lord or Lady would punish me, or any of those who spent days, weeks, and months working and casting to help me heal and survive. To see pain or sickness in anyone and walk away when you have the ability to ease or change it, that, to me, is wrong.

    I have heard it said that we should do nothing and trust that the God and Goddess will take care of it, whatever it is. How strange, that somehow we have begun to paraphrase words from other religions as our own. I trust in the Goddess and God, for they blessed me with knowledge and the power to help, heal, and protect.

    I believe they also expect me to put my energy forward. Not set on my backside and see what happens. For example, if I need money and work a money spell, I am also going to see what other ways I can bring in money. A job, yard sale, eBay, whatever it takes.

    Many Witches clearly see healing magick as good magick. Yet, they are somehow uncomfortable in placing a protection around someone that is being threatened. This could fall into another category of magick. Maybe it could be defined as revenge, or somehow negative. Then it would be wrong to do.

    What if it was an infant or child that was being beaten or abused? What category would the protection fall in then? I just don’t believe that the natural powers of magick should be allowed to fall into any category.

    It is strange to me that we, as Witches, debate whether magick is good or bad, black or white, acceptable or not. Magick is a gift. It is not good or bad, it just is. However, magick, like any power, is only as positive or negative as those who use it. The separation between benevolent and malevolent magick depends on the Witch.

    Those who hold and exercise its power rule Magick. If used for malevolence, then what you do comes from within you and it is your soul that is dark. Use it to help and benefit life, and it can only be a rainbow of light and power.

    I cannot believe that the Lord and Lady would have blessed us with such an amazing gift as magick and expect us never to use it. The Ancient ones have passed down this power to us. It is a trusted knowledge. We should be honored that we have been entrusted with this gift, but we must also honor Them in the wisdom of using it wisely.

    Witches also tend to be strong in our beliefs. We all have to decide within our own hearts what we personally believe in, when it comes to magick and life. Are we sincere in our beliefs or do we doubt the powers within us? What we decide can tell us who we truly are. Trusting in our own intuitions and ourselves is the first step.

    My Great Grandmother shared with me her gift of magick.

    For the colors of magick glimmer like the drops of rain and light held within a rainbow.

    Find the true colors of magick within your own heart…

    By: Lady Abigail
    High Priestess of Ravensgrove Coven
    Greenfield, IN
    Copyright © 12082006

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    Daily Devotions of Goddess: Invocation Visions of Light

    From within this cold and icy earth,
    I seek She, whom will bring life's rebirth.
    I have visions of a hill with grassy sward,
    Where I see my Lady holding a flaming sword.
    Her cloak is made of sunbeams, Her face shines as gold,
    She shall bring the warmth to which ends winter’s cold.
    Within Her gentle hands there’s a promise of spring,
    Surrounded by the moonlight Her praises I sing.
    She arises with the sun from Her peaceful rest,
    Eternally young Her smile brings me blest.
    She reaches and takes the flames from the Sun,
    Touching the earth with their warmth, winter’s done.
    The light shines about Her as it were a crown,
    Giving strength to the earth life shall abound.
    As She opens Her arms and warm breezes blow,
    A promise that assures the end of winter’s snow.
    With evergreen offering within candle and hearth light,
    I give praise and honor unto She whom is life.

    By: Lady Abigail
    Copyright © 07152004

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    Amen! I love my BFF's! Best Furry Friends :)
    This is a lil bit of everything lol!

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