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  • Ancient prophecies point to Pope Francis being the last
    WHEN the great 16th Century prophet Nostradamus stared into the future, he described the fate of the final pope with eerie detail. And the first sign will soon be in our skies. The 266th pope now sits on the Throne of St Peter. According to the pen of several prophets, he will be the last. One proph…

  • St. Patrick's Day History, Origin and Customs
    St. Patrick's Day 2013: Good strong links to info on the origin, history and customs of the holiday.
  • Pagan Football

    Heard one night on Between the Worlds Radio, WIKA…


    Pagan Football

    Heard one night on Between the Worlds Radio, WIKA…

    Bob: "For those of you who have just joined us, this has been one hell of a game! The Salem Witches, led by the ferocious play of Sven Gahrinnson, a huge Asatru defensive end, have taken a 21-14 lead over the Bethany Baptists."

    Sam: "That's right, Bob. Sven's a force, but Bethany's quarterback Paul Damascus has been throwing passes with all the zeal of an evangelist passing out tracts on Judgment Day. Leading the Baptists' "Fire and Brimstone" offense, Damascus has been burning the Witches' secondary all evening."

    Bob: "Sam, now that was uncalled for…"

    Sam: "Hey, if the Witches hadn't put a spell on the referees they wouldn't even be in this game!"

    Bob: "And if the Baptists hadn't soaked the field with holy water, the Witches would still be able to use their running game, not to mention the third degree burns that Salem's tight end received."

    Sam: "His name was Vlad! I'll bet he wasn't only a witch but a…"

    Bob: "Don't say it!"

    Sam: "But the Bible says…"

    Bob: "SAM! Let's return to the action on the field."

    Sam: :::mumbling::: "Well it does…"

    Bob: "Salem's just about to kick off with 2:35 left in the fourth quarter. JohnPaul is on his own five yard line to receive for the Baptists. Here's the kick… It's a beauty! Just look at the hang time!"

    Sam: "I'd look for a penalty on that kick. Illegal summoning of air elementals, I would think."

    Bob: "JohnPaul takes the kick… he's on the ten… the fifteen.. WOW! WHAT A HIT!! Sven just leveled JohnPaul! I'm amazed Bethany's return man could even hold on to the ball. Uh oh… JohnPaul's not moving. The trainers are coming out to the field."

    Sam: :::chanting gleefully::: "Threefold law! Threefold law! Sven's going to pay! He meant to hit him hard."

    Bob: "Sam, this is football! You're supposed to hit them hard. Besides, Sven's not Wiccan, he's Asatru!"

    Sam: :::mumbling::: "Well, they're all going to burn in hell. They aren't Christian, after all. The Bible says…"

    Bob: :::cutting off Sam::: "It looks like JohnPaul's going to be okay. He may not know what time zone he's in after that hit, but at least he's on his feet. The Witches' defense takes the field. Sven holds down the left side while Gavin Lord leads Salem's "Wild Hunt" defense. Listen to them howl! The Witches' fans are going wild, the pep band is leading a spiral dance while the cheerleaders are drawing down the moon. I can't imagine how Bethany can even hear the count over all this noise! "Here's the snap. Damascus drops back. Here comes Sven! Damascus is scrambling, chased by the Wild Hunt. He has nowhere to run, not with the Hunt on his heels. Damascus throws the ball away, stopping the clock with 2:08 left to play."

    Sam: "There's a flag on the play. I'll bet it's against the Witches"

    Bob: "My guess is holding on the offense, Sam."

    Sam: "Yeah, right. You're just saying that 'cause you don't want the Baptists to win."

    Bob: "No, I'm saying that because one of Bethany's offensive linemen is still holding someone's kilt!"

    Sam: "They should call that a foul. After all, the Bible says…"

    Bob: :::cutting Sam off again::: "The refs have marked off the penalty and the players are lining up again. Damascus is calling the signals. Here's the snap. He drops back and throws. It's caught by Moses at the 30 and he's brought down immediately. That's going to bring up the two minute warning."

    Sam: "Let's break for a word from our sponsor, New Jerusalem Witnessing Tracts."

    Bob: "Let's not. We're back! The word on JohnPaul's injury is either a slight concussion or demon possession. The team is calling in a specialist from the Vatican to be sure. It seems that Sven hit him hard enough that the Bethany return man thinks he's in a past life. He keeps saying, "I was really just kidding. I like lions. Really. Good kitty!" "There's 1:58 left on the game clock and from the look of things on the field, I think that Bethany's starting to panic."

    Sam: "Why do you say that?"

    Bob: "Because it looks like they're going for the 'Hail Mary' play."

    Sam: "And why do you say that?"

    Bob: "Just listen to the Baptists' fans."

    Fans: "Hail Mary, Mother of God… Hail Mary, Mother of God…"

    Bob: "Here's the snap. Damascus drops back … he's under pressure … Damascus scrambles to the right, looking for an open receiver … he reverses the field, running to the left … Sven is right on his heals … He throws .. Touchdown!! What an immaculate reception! Touchdown Bethany!"

    Sam: "Yes! Yes! YES!!!"

    Bob: "Let's be a little objective here…"

    Sam: "Time to make those sinners pay!"

    Bob: "Bethany's going for the two point conversion. The Wild Hunt is growling, you can hear it even over the roar of the crowd. This could be the game right here, folks. The Baptists are pulling out all the stops. "I think that's even the Ark of the Covenant that they're parading over there. Here's the snap … It's a quarterback sneak! Damascus dives into the heart of the Wild Hunt! Look at that pile! Damascus is somewhere at the bottom. It's going to be a moment before they sort this one out, folks. "One of the Baptists is in Sven's face. Uh oh… I think he's witnessing to the Asatru. Yep! There's the flag! That'll be unsportsmanlike conduct on Bethany. Fifteen yards off the kick off. "It looks like the Baptists have made the conversion! Bethany leads 22 to 21."

    Sam: "That's not the only thing they converted. It looks like Sven is headed back to Bethany's sideline."

    Bob: "No! Sven! You're a warrior! Come back! Come back!"

    Sam: "Oh… is da widdle asatwoo a kwistjun now?"

    Bob: :::ignoring Sam::: "Fourth quarter … 1:22 left on the clock … Bethany sends a deep booming kick into Salem's end zone. Wait … who is that returning the kick? Long hair … curves … It's Artemis! Those Bethany defenders don't know who they have coming at them!"

    Sam: "If she turns anyone into a stag and they don't call a penalty, I'll protest!"

    Bob: "Artemis fields the ball deep in her own end zone. She's bringin' it out! She's at the five, at the ten … breaks a tackle … to the fifteen, the twenty … she's on the sideline with room to run … Does anyone hear trumpets? Are those angels over there? OHMI'GOD! WHAT WAS THAT FLASH OF LIGHT?!?!??!"

    Sam: "Where did all of Bethany's players go? Where are their fans?"

    Bob: "Looks like its the Rapture … Artemis is left with a field empty of defenders … She's at the fifty … the forty … the twenty … Touchdown!! Salem's ahead by five with Bethany nowhere in sight!"

    Sam: "Judgment Day … It can't be Judgment Day…"

    Bob: "Looks like the refs are talking this one over. The clock is stopped with fifty-eight seconds left to play. The Bethany Baptists are nowhere in sight and the Salem Witches lead 27 – 22. Here's the official ruling … That's game! The Bethany Baptists forfeit the game and the Salem Witches win, 27 – 22!"

    Sam: :::still bemoaning his fate::: "Judgment Day … It was Judgment Day and no one came to get me! It can't be Judgment Day! Why? Why, Bob? Why?"

    Bob: "Don't know, Sam. It's your system of belief, not mine. You're welcome to hang out with us Pagans."

    Sam: "Dear GOD! It was Judgment Day and they sent me to Hell! This is Hell, isn't it Bob?"

    Bob: :::thinking of being the only Pagan that Sam knows::: "Only for me, Sam. Only for me."

    Graelan Wintertide

  • Highlander Cross for Health and Happiness


    Highlander Cross for Healt…

    Highlander Cross for Health and Happiness


    Highlander Cross for Health and Happiness.
    This beautiful charm comes in a clear packet with instructions & meaning.
    Size: 74 x 35mm / 3" x 1½"


    10% off all orders over £20 with code "marchmadness"

  • Cernunnos for Renewal and Transformation


    The Celtic, antlered god Ce…

    Cernunnos for Renewal and Transformation


    The Celtic, antlered god Cernunnos is followed for his life-fertility-death cycle. His death is now usually set at Samhain (or Hallowe'en, October 31st) and his rebirth is marked at or around Spring Equinox. The pendant is worn for Renewal and Transformation.
    Size: 50 x 35mm / 2" x 1½"


    10% off all orders over £20 with code "marchmadness"

  • To all our Irish brothers and sisters who are celebrating their cultural roots a…
    To all our Irish brothers and sisters who are celebrating their cultural roots and for everyone whose gonna raises a glass of something green in celebration Byan-okht-ee nah Fay-leh Pawd-rig ur-iv
    Brightest Blessings Draco )o(/|\

  • 6th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Bird.
    Characteristics: Day of humility, grace and l…

    6th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Bird.
    Characteristics: Day of humility, grace and love. Day of intuition, clairvoyance and telepathy. Today's energy is connected to breathing, and is good for receiving and transforming of Prana, the Universal life force. Mostly positive, lucky and favorable day.

    Recommendations: Today we have to go about our usual business without any grumble. Intuition is heightened, and enlightening revelations are possible. Day is great for practicing yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama), healing and cleansing of respiratory system. Solitude and fasting is recommended.

    Precautions: Avoid dissatisfaction with yourself or others, your life's conditions and circumstances, your surroundings. Take everything as is, and do not wish for it to be different.

  • Moon Day 6
    Without doubt, an auspicious day. It is good for intellectual activit…

    Moon Day 6
    Without doubt, an auspicious day. It is good for intellectual activities, study, spiritual pursuits and also for searching for lost people, animals and things. It favours recovery and the restoration of health. The Vedic tradition especially recommends this day for building and anything connected with property.

  • Isis and the Sistrum
    In Isis Magic, one of the key elemental implements of the priestess of Isis is the sistrum. It is one of several types of ancient Egyptian rattle that were used in the worship of the Goddesses and …
  • Sunday — Sun's day
    Middle English sone(n)day or sun(nen)day
    Old English sunnand…

    Sunday — Sun's day
    Middle English sone(n)day or sun(nen)day
    Old English sunnandæg "day of the sun"
    Germanic sunnon-dagaz "day of the sun"
    Latin dies solis "day of the sun"
    Ancient Greek hemera heli(o)u, "day of the sun"
  • Sunrise: 6:18 AM GMT
    Sunset: 6:17 PM GMT
    Length of Day: 11h 58m
    Tomorrow will be…

    Sunrise: 6:18 AM GMT
    Sunset: 6:17 PM GMT
    Length of Day: 11h 58m
    Tomorrow will be 3m 57s longer.
    Moon Rise: 8:42 AM GMT
    Moon Set:
    Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent 28% Illuminated

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