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    I'm hearing this one loud and clear! ~ Moon ♥

    Are you a beautiful mess inside too? Visit the blog at www.abeautifulmessinside.com and come see us on Facebook at @[178242035586095:274:A Beautiful Mess Inside] ♥
    Souvenirs and trinkets we've discovered during our extensive travels across the WWW. A collection of the things that speak to us and/or make us giggle. Enter at your own risk. ~the mess and moon 😉 Some of the posts here are my originals, you'll find my many (many) more of my original works in the albums called "my creations." Enjoy…

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    Herbs for Hot Flashes

    Traditionally, Hormonal therapy is often used to relieve hot flashes but this has been linked to increased risk for breast cancer, encouraging many to turn towards natural remedies like herbs instead. MENOPAUSE TEA can ease the transition through menopause by helping balance the hormones and by stimulating natural hormone production, and relieve:

    -irritability and moodiness
    -emotional upsets
    -hot flashes
    -breast tenderness
    -vaginal dryness
    -heart palpitations

    You can read more or order it on line at: http://emasherbs.com/REMEDIES/menopause.htm

    What do you use for hot flashes?


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    The Witch Alone

    Beyond the town, beneath the Moon, Beside the standing stone, There lives a woman, fair of faith We call the Witch Alone.

    She sings to Sun and Moon and Stars And gathers herbs and weeds, with which she fashions ancient charms and other magic deeds.

    She worships not by altars built By hands of mortal men, But in the misty, magic glade Beyond the furthest glen.

    What need has she of flashing swords, Of crystals glowing bright, Of censers and of colored cords That grace the Wiccan rite? Her tools are fashioned from the earth, And wind and fire and rain: Her rites are dances, wild and free That call the Gods amain.

    When spring and summer pass to fall, And twilight fills her eyes, She'll lie upon the browning grass And smile as she dies.

    For though she leaves her mortal shell Of flesh and blood and bone, She knows she does not die, but lives on

    As The Witch Alone

    ~Scott Cunningham

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    The Sacred Divine Reunion of The Twin Flames ~ Pure Unconditional Love & Acceptance ~ by LIORA www.twinflame1111.com

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    The moon is waxing half
    (age=258.39067281041104, phase…

    The moon is waxing half
    (age=258.39067281041104, phase=0.6006187106210187)

    Current Universal Time is May 3, 2013 6:50:21.26
    Local time is 7:50:21am, Fri May 3, 2013

    Current Phase of the Moon
    The 'age' is the distance in degrees (from 0 to 360) that the moon has traversed in its orbit since it was new. The phase is percentage of the moons' face which is currently lit, (i.e., it is 100% at full and 0% at new). If the phase is currently increasing the moon is said to be waxing and if it is…

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    Moon phases~

    As you know, the Moon has a big impact on the visibility of celestial bodies in the night sky. So here are the Moon’s phases for this month:

    Positions of the planets this month
    Mercury: The closest planet to the Sun can be seen at dawn and dusk travelling across the constellations of Taurus, not far from the planets Venus, Jupiter, and Mars. This planet, being the closest to the Sun, will appear to move quickly in the night sky and its position will change in the following weeks.

    Venus: The sister planet can be seen in the constellation of Taurus. Just like Mercury, Venus can only be seen at dawn and dusk.

    Mars: The red planet can be seen between the constellations of Pisces and Taurus.

    Jupiter: The gas giant is visible in the constellation of Taurus. Jupiter can easily be spotted with the naked eye, even in highly illuminated cities.

    Saturn: The ringed giant can be seen with the naked eye between the constellations of Virgo and Libra.

    Uranus: The gas giant can be seen between the constellations of Pisces and Cetus with the use of a telescope.

    Neptune: The blue giant requires a telescope pointed in the constellation of Aquarius in order to be seen.

    Major astronomical event next months
    June 12 – Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation.
    June 21 – June Solstice.


    Lady Fae~LordAengus

  • Signs, Symbols and Spiritual Information
    Pagan Pentagram meaning & 5 Pagan Virtues…

    The source of all Life. Every child that is born, comes into this life through an act of love. First at the union of the parents and then through the love and singular ordeal which the mother goes through to bring the new life into manifestation. The same is true for every plant and every animal. Every act of creation begins with the Love of Spirit moving through the union of opposites in order to create a life that is totally and completely new.

    The substance of Life. Nature supports every form of life through compassion. There is water and nutrients for the plants and food for every animals. Every where we look, we see the compassion that Spirit has for all life. So too, Spirit has an infinite compassion for us. If we allow ourselves to trust the rhythms of life and that compassion exists for all of us, Spirit will present more opportunity in your life then you could ever take full advantage of.

    The web of Life. Every being on this world is dependant of every other being for it’s survival. Positions of authority are illusions, for no one can exist outside the web of life. We are all dependant on one another. Respect is due to all life, regardless of its perceived status, for without every part, the web will fall apart. We do not respect others out of fear, desire or need. We respect all life and each other because we have all taken up the challenge of life and are all here learning, growing and being.

    The ultimate healer. Through Love, we know Life. From Life, we learn about all the polarities that make up life, ie: sick/well, fear/safety, sorrow/joy, etc. When ever we hold onto a negative aspect of experience and believe it to be the only experience, we learn also learn about dis-ease. Dis-ease piles up through out a life time, becoming more entrenched and seeming more real. No matter what the dis-ease, forgiveness is the beginning of its healing. Learning to forgive self release the dis-ease of not being what you expect. Learning to forgive others releases the dis-ease of others not being what you want. Learning to forgive Spirit releases the disease of dissatisfaction with what is. This is a very difficult lesson of life. Start by forgiving whom ever you are able. Your real work begins when you start to forgive yourself.

    The path to Spirit. Every path has a start, our path begins with gratitude. If every other idea seems foreign, to big or just out of your reality, then take one step and find gratitude in yourself for one aspect of your life. Every act of gratitude is rewarded by Spirit with more to be grateful for. Everything and anything you want in your life begins by being grateful for what you have. If you start here, Love will find you in your own time and you will find yourself walking the path of Spirit.


  • Pagan Rules of Conduct
    Pagan Ethics Anyone who is Pagan should give serious thought to their personal ethical code. To do so, you should consider your daily life in light of your religious beliefs. If you are active in any groups, you may want to get their opinions on this sta…

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    Tree of Life

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    Daily Devotions of the Goddess

    Dear Children of the moonlight be transformed,
    For each night in truth you shall be reborn.
    Let your spirit be refreshed in all that you do,
    For I give you each day as a gift fresh and new.

    Lady Abigail
    Copyright © 09012010

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    The Sri-Yantra Mandala is the image of the OM mantra, the primordial Hindu sound of creation (Hinduism is a Pagan religion). When OM is intoned into a tonoscope, it first produces a circle. As the tone is completed, the circle is filled sequentially with concentric squares, triangles and finally, as the "mmm" dies away, the Sri Yantra.
    A tonoscope is an appliance that turns sounds into patterns.

    There is a science called Cymatics that is about the translation of sound vibrations into visible patterns. It is usually done by vibrating a fine powder or a liquid on a plate connected to a speaker. The images that can be produced with different frequencies are complex and beautiful and often look like mandalas. see video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6PSA5bYTxs

    Mantras are not small things, mantras have power. They are the mind vibration in relationship to the Cosmos. The science of mantra is based on the knowledge that sound is a form of energy having structure, power, and a definite predictable effect on the chakras and the human psyche.

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    Be mindful of what you say to yourself, as it is a conversation with the universe you are having, you are the universe and the universe is you. What you give out you get back.

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    Raw For Beauty

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    … the 8th fire …

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