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    The Sacred Seven Prayer

    O Great Spirit, who art before all else and who dwells in every object, in every person and in every place, we cry unto Thee. We summon Thee from the far places into our present awareness.

    O Great Spirit of the North, who gives wings to the waters of the air and rolls the thick snowstorm before Thee, Who covers the Earth with a sparkling crystal carpet above whose deep tranquility every sound is beautiful. Temper us with strength to withstand the biting blizzards, yet make us thankful for the beauty which follows and lies deep over the warm Earth in its wake.

    O Great Spirit of the East, the land of the rising Sun, Who holds in Your right hand the years of our lives and in Your left the opportunities of each day. Brace us that we may not neglect our gifts nor lose in laziness the hopes of each day and the hopes of each year.

    O Great Spirit of the South, whose warm breath of compassion melts the ice that gathers round our hearts, whose fragrance speaks of distant springs and summer days, dissolve our fears, melt our hatreds, kindle our love into flames of true and living realities. Teach us that he who is truly strong is also kind, he who is wise tempers justice with mercy, he who is truly brave matches courage with compassion.

    O Great Spirit of the West, the land of the setting Sun, with Your soaring mountains and free, wide rolling prairies, bless us with knowledge of the peace which follows purity of striving and the freedom which follows like a flowing robe in the winds of a well-disciplined life. Teach us that the end is better than the beginning and that the setting sun glorifies not in vain.

    O Great Spirit of the heavens, in the day's infinite blue and amid the countless stars of the night season, remind us that you are vast, that you are beautiful and majestic beyond all of our knowing or telling, but also that you are no further from us than the tilting upwards of our heads and the raising of our eyes.

    O Great Spirit of Mother Earth beneath our feet, Master of metals, Germinator of seeds and the Storer of the Earth's unreckoned resources, help us to give thanks unceasingly for Your bounty.

    O Great Spirit of our souls, burning in our heart's yearning and in our innermost aspirations, speak to us now and always so that we may be aware of the greatness and goodness of Your gift of life and be worthy of this priceless privilege of living.

    © Noel Knockwood

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    Ten Virtues of Incense

    Incense has long been a traditional part of every culture.It is most likely that with the discovery of fire, scraps of resinous wood were tossed upon the flames, causing a remarkable fragrance to climb up among a mystic smoke. Around the campfire, shoulders relaxed, voices softened, all was calm and safe. Mankind had discovered the power of fragrant smoke, or incense.

    Incense is so revered in Japan that they have an incense ceremony that elevates the practice of burning incense into a spiritual act, just as they have a tea ceremony.

    Here is a thoughtful list of ten virtues of incense that were believed to have been written by an anonymous Zen monk of the sixth century.

    Discover some benefits of incense you may not know!

    1. Incense brings communication and the transcendent.
    2. It purifies mind and body.
    3. It removes uncleanliness.
    4. It brings alertness.
    5. It is a companion to solitude.
    6. In the midst of activity, it brings a moment of peace.
    7. When there is plenty, one never tires of it.
    8. When there is little, still one is satisfied.
    9. Age does not change its efficacy.
    10. Used every day, it does no harm.

    Some good incense for Monday are:
    African violet, honeysuckle, myrtle, willow, wormwood.

    Adapted from The Essence of Incense, by Diana Rosen (Storey Books). Copyright (c) 2001, by Diana Rosen

    Image by: David Wilmot

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    For your BOS. :)

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    Today (July 15), beginning at sundown, is the seventh day of the month of Hekatombaion

    On the seventh day, it is advised to honour Apollon, as it is regarded that he was born on a seventh day.

    "Celebrating the seventh day as the birthday of Apollo: therefore the Athenians honor this day as Apollonian, carrying branches of laurel, crowning the basket (kanoun) and singing hymns to the God."
    Schol. Erga 769-771

    "So, because of the harmonious relationship, he (Hesiod) adapted the seven to the birth of Apollo and, for the fact that it (the seven) has no mother and is inconvenient for women, he has said that it is sacred to Athena."
    Schol. Erga 769-771

    "…the fourth, and the seventh — on which Leto bare Apollo with the blade of gold – each is a holy day"
    ~ excerpt from Hesiod, Works and Days

    The seventh day is also a time to honour Hermaphroditos

    "On the fourth and seventh days of each month, he directs mulled wine to be prepared, and going himself to purchase myrtle-wreaths, frankincense and convolvuluses; he returns to spend the day worshiping the statue of Hermaphroditus."
    ~ excerpt from Theophrastus, Characters

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    Heathen you say . . . thx nice of you to notice X:{D>

  • Paganism is on the rise in Britain
    A YouGov poll in Britain shows that at least 38% of young adults do not believe in the Christian God and are becoming more and more attracted to several forms o

  • ANALYSIS: 'Pagan' is getting a makeover. Not everyone got the memo. – Religion News Service
    (RNS) As the monotheistic Abrahamic religions began to spread, “pagan” took on negative connotations as the antithesis of the “true faith” of the monotheists. Pagans were polytheists who believed in various gods and held to questionable moral codes.

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    The Candle Meditation Technique~

    As you might have guessed, a candle meditation is practiced by gazing at a candle flame.

    For some people this type of meditation is quite easy, as they find it easier to let go of thoughts when they are concentrating on a physical “thing” rather than on a mantra.

    For others, this meditation can be a bit of a challenge – yes it can sometimes be tricky to keep your eyes open and focused on a candle without them blinking or watering. However, with a little practice, most people find that they gradually become very comfortable with this type of open-eye meditation.

    One thing is for sure, this meditation is a fantastic way to improve your concentration skills, and it can lead you into a profoundly deep state of meditation if practiced properly.

    How to do the Candle Meditation:

    Before you light a candle for your meditation, take a minute to prepare the space in which you will meditate. Turn down the lights or draw your window shades closed. You'll find this meditation much easier to do in a room that's not too bright and you'll avoid eyestrain too, so make sure the room you are in is dimly lit and at a comfortable temperature.
    Now light a candle and position it at eye level, or slightly below. It’s OK to look down at the candle slightly, but make sure that your head is not tilted too far forward and that your body is not slumping.

    It’s important that you are able to maintain a comfortable upright posture that feels natural to you. Take a seat in your favorite chair, or sit cross legged on the floor, and make sure that your candle is at least 50 cm away from you otherwise it may appear too bright.

    Now simply stare at the candle and allow the image of the flame to occupy your mind.

    At first, your mind will probably wander about and your eyes will resist your efforts to keep them still. This is normal and it will gradually ease as the meditation progresses, so don’t be too concerned if this happens to you.

    You may also find that you eyes water a little. Again, this is normal and it usually dissipates quite quickly. If distractions like these arise, simply return your attention to the candle flame and let them go.

    A great way to deepen a candle meditation is to imagine that you are breathing the light of the candle in and out of yourself. You don’t need to perform a complex visualization exercise to do this, just keep your eyes fixed on the candle flame, and allow your natural breathing rhythm to fill your awareness.

    Casually sense that the light of the candle is flowing into you as you breathe in and out. Feel a sense of purity and clarity infusing with your body and mind as you absorb yourself in this meditation.

    Going deeper into the meditation:

    Something rather special happens whenever you go deep into a candle meditation. I’ll describe it so that you’ll recognize it when it happens to you…

    The reason that you are able to see is because your brain processes the signals that are sent to it via the optic nerves in your eyes. What happens as this meditation progresses is that your brain begins to stop processing these signals. That might sound dramatic, but it’s actually perfectly natural, perfectly safe and a profoundly serene experience. Let me explain what this looks and feels like…

    Your eyes are firmly fixed on the image of the flame in front of you and because your eyes are not moving, they are not providing your brain with any new information to process. You then find that some areas of your peripheral vision start to fade from your vision completely…

    Gradually, more and more of your peripheral vision fades away until you have no visual awareness of anything but the candle flame.

    This is a profound experience. Your eyes are open, but you are actually not seeing anything but the small flame in front of you. As a result it feels as though there is no distance between yourself and the flame. In essence, you have become one with the flame.

    To achieve this requires both mental stillness and the physical stillness of your eyes. As soon as you move your eyes around, your brain is flooded with new sensory input and you will instantly be able to see the room around you again. Remain still and focused on the candle, and you will slip back into this state of profoundly deep meditation quite quickly.

    It may take some practice to really stabilize this experience, but it's well worth it!

    At the completion of your candle meditation, close your eyes and lie down for at least five minutes as you let your body and mind come back down to earth.


    Lady Fae~Lord Aengus

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    Looking for a craft for Lammas upcoming?!

    Here's a neat idea to try!
    Zoey ♥
    All posts within this album – written by the admins are copyrighted. Please respect the curtsey of us. Thank you

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    The Primary Principles of the Mojo Bag~
    By, Lady Jenny

    Other names: Root bag, Conjure bag, Gris Gris bag, Trick bag, Jack Jack bag, Jomo

    Most Mojo bags are made of flannel material(southern style) mainly red flannel, but some Root doctors or magick practicioners favor the color symbolism employed in Hoodoo style, candle-burning magick. Some examples are: Green for money, White for a baby blessing, Red for love and Pale Blue for a peaceful home, etc. Leather bags are also used but less frequently than flannel(they are associated with the West Indian Obeah, another form of folk magick closely related to African American Hoodoo.

    What is in a Mojo bag?- Generally there are at least 3 items in a bag. Primarily a personal item of the intended person such as hair. A paper object with an inscription and herbs or a crystal or stone, even feather. The ingredients vary greatly and is based on the outcome you desire. Some say the total number of ingredients should total to an odd number usually, 3,7 or 9 and sometimes 5,11 or 13. some do not even bother counting and just compile the items they like to work with according to the situation or need.

    Fixing the Mojo Hand- "Fixing" is basically filling the bag and then charging or awakening it to life by means of ritual, incense or candle smoke or breathed into it, or breathing life into the bag. Once prepared the bag is then dressed with a liguid such as alcohol like whiskey, a perfume, Florida water or bodily fluids. The bad is then dabbed or consecrated with the liquid.

    Mojo bags are carried on your person or intended person and kept hidden from strangers. If another person touches your bag the magick could be lost.*

    Photo from: rowanpendragon.com

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    Herb Lore-

    Parsley is a hardy biennial, has look alike in wild that are poison, use caution when hunting in wild, good in pot\s, used in culinary, high in vitamin C iron and other minerals, antiseptic chlorophyll, tea from crushed seeds to rinse hair.

    DO NOT USE parsley oil during pregnancy.

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    Herb Lore-

    Saint Johns Wort is a hardy perennial, can be grown in container but is tall and needs staking. Flowers release yellow dye with alum and red dye with alcohol. Said whoever treads on this plant after sunset will be swept up on the back of a magic horse that will charge around the heavens until sunrise before depositing its exhausted rider on the ground. The Celts passed it through the smoke of the Summer Solstice fire, then wore it in battle for invincibility, it can be burned to banish and exorcise spirits.

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    How to Make Black Salt~

    Black Salt is used in spells and rituals involving banishing magick, as added protection against negative energy and to remove hexes and jinxes. Black Salt may be sprinkled around your home or property, added to banishing sachets, incenses, and herbal mixtures. A little Black Salt goes a long way. Of course you may purchase Black Salt but it is much more powerful to create your own. To make:

    ◦Burn banishing herbs on a charcoal disc inside your cauldron. Allow the charcoal and herbs to burn down completely.

    ◦Scrape the inside of your cauldron with a sharp spoon or knife.

    ◦Crush the scrapings in a mortar and pestle then add plain white salt or natural sea salt. Use about twice the amount of salt as scrapings.

    ◦Crush and mix the salt and scrapings together while concentrating on banishing energies.

    ◦Put the newly created black salt into a little jar and label it.

    From: ThePaganPoppet

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