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    Today (July 16), beginning at sundown, will coincide with the eighth day of the month of Hekatombaion

    According to the Hellenic religious calendar, the eighth day of every month is one of the holiest days, and is sacred to Poseidon, Theseus and Asklepios

    "For they pay honors to Poseidon on the eighth day of every month. The number eight, as the first cube of an even number and the double of the first square, fitly represents the steadfast and immovable power of this god, to whom we give the epithets of Securer and Earth-stayer."
    ~ excerpt from Plutarch, Theseus

  • Lammas – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In some English-speaking countries in the Northern Hemisphere, August 1 is Lammas Day (Anglo-Saxon hlaf-mas, "loaf-mass"), the festival of the wheatharvest, and is the first harvest festival of the year. On this day it was customary to bring to church a loaf made from the new crop, which began to be…

  • Lughnasadh – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Lughnasadh (pronounced LOO-nə-sə; Irish: Lúnasa; Scottish Gaelic: Lùnastal; Manx: Luanistyn) is a traditional Gaelic holiday celebrated on 1 August. It originated as a harvest festival, corresponding to the Welsh Calan Awst and the English Lammas.

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  • Timeline Photos
    ♥ Angela

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    Blodeuwedd is the Welsh Goddess of spring created from flowers, and the wife of Lleu, son of Arianrhod. In the late Christianized myth, She was created by the great magicians Math and Gwydion to be Lleu's mate, in response to a curse pronounced by his mother that he would never have a wife from any race then on the Earth. They fashioned Blodeuwedd from flowers and breathed life into Her. She proved treacherous to Lleu, and She and Her lover Gronw Pebyr plotted against him, grieviously wounding the otherwise invulnerable Lleu by tricking him into the only pose in which he could be harmed. Blodeuwedd was punished for this by being transformed into the night-bird, the owl, though She kept her name–in Welsh, blodeuwedd, meaning "Flower-face", is a name for the owl.

    She represents temporary beauty and the bright blooming that must come full circle through death: She is the promise of autumn visible in spring.

    Pronunciation: bluh DIE weth ("th" as in "weather")

    Alternate spellings: Blodeuedd, Blodewedd

    Blodeuwedd's Tale:
    I was fashioned from flowers—I mean that quite literally. Two men, great magicians I am told, crafted my body from bud and blossom, petal and pollen. Nine kinds of flowers, of course, they knew that much: the tiny tassels of great trees, the sweet small meadow blooms, the wild-flowers woven with the wheat. And the hawthorn-bloom, white as winter. Hawthorn. Did they not know? The arrogance of Men, to believe they see.

    When I awoke, they dressed me like a doll in pretty clothes. They gave me a pretty name, after my pretty face, whose pallor they mistook for snowdrops, asphodel, lilies.

    Then they gave me to a man I'd never met.

    They were so filled with what they had done. Did they think they could make him a wife as one makes a pair of shoes?

    He was young, beardless and eager, bright of hair and quick of hand. He was handsome, yes, and well-pleased with my beauty. I hid my hatred then, and waited on the inevitable opportunity, all the while playing at the loving wife.

    Then came the evening my lord was away, and the hunter appeared at my house. He desired me, and did not care to conceal it. And I desired him. How should I not desire my freedom?

    That night in my husband's bed, we betrayed him. The hunter's help I would have, and enthralled to my beauty, he gave it freely.

    Now my lord could not be easily killed, for the magicians had seen to that much. About him they had woven a strange unlikely fate—so unlikely that there should be no way he might chance upon his death, whether upon the battlefield or by illness, or by some improbable accident. What they did not see, was that if that is the only way he can die, it surely shall be the way he will die.

    When he returned, I got it from him. You would think it would be difficult, getting a man to tell such a secret, that kept safe his life. No, he told me readily and in detail.

    A year later it was prepared. It was absurd, really, how easily he was guiled into that ridiculous pose. Not inside nor outside, neither riding nor on foot, not this nor that, all cleverly overcome. He must have known one cannot tempt the darkness so, or that such middle-realms are no place for a mortal. As it was, Fate had been invoked, and must make her answer. The hunter, well-trained in his craft, did not err. The spear stuck fast in my lord's flesh, starting from his side, and his spirit fled.

    Now I am revenged. The hunter I leave to his disappointment, the magicians to their sorrow. Whose spirit did they think came into that blossom-body? In their arrogance, they believed they created me. Me! I am old, older than Man who walks this earth, old as the bright spring that invariably finds it way to winter. For I am the White Lady, and death is my bride-price.

    Art: "Blodeuwedd" by Lisa Hunt

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    A howl heard in the night
    It runs through and enters the soul
    The wolf's heart is as pure as the driven snow
    A howl shows no mercy,
    It will hunt you, or guide you
    The Pack will awaken and join the song
    The howl of the night.

    Art by_flordemetal

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    Cleansing Your Crystals

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    ☽✪☾ @[330804050315234:274:The Wyrding Way] ☽✪☾
    What is Wyrd?

    Wyrd is the most fundamental concept of all things magick and also the most difficult to describe. The word is derived from the Anglo-Saxon verb weorþan -to become. Metaphysically, it is the idea of transformation-both within us and outside of us. By recognizing that everything exists in a state of interdependency, we can access the energy of everything in existence and beyond by following its energy on the Web of Creation. Wyrd represents the unknowable nature of 'fate' when experienced by the uninitiated- but in the right hands, it represents the limitless possibility of that fate when we take hold of it and consciously mold it into a new destiny.
    The Wyrding Way is the inborn magick within us all that can be used to discover and guide the course of our future by recognizing that our thoughts and actions have great power over the world we experience. Wyrd both creates and is created in this way. Enjoy walking the path of the Wyrd and Wise!


  • lol

    The Gods
    XD Sorry I couldn't help but giggle!

    Got this one from @[432090796875048:274:Goddess Born]
    A folder for all the humor involving are beloved Godesses and Gods ALERT! None of the photos posted are mine (unless otherwise stated). I claim no ownership of any of the photos posted. If you know the owner of any of these pictures please tell me so that I may apply credit :). Blessed be )O(

  • Good morning everyone and welcome to Tiw’s day, today I want to talk about anger…
    Good morning everyone and welcome to Tiw’s day, today I want to talk about anger basically each day I get up I find my blood boiling at the way the press and the UK government is targeting the poor and disabled painting them as scroungers turning people against them now I do try and keep my spiritual persona separate from my activist persona. I don’t really want this page to become political I just want to provide information; I share lots of information because I find it of value and interesting and hope others find this page of interesting. But there are times when I have to stand up and say STOP!!!!! Many in the UK will have heard of the bedroom tax and the benefit cap and I am not sure how many that read this page are on benefits but for those of you that are not on benefits I am going to ask you to educate your self stop believing the rubbish that spills out of the mouths of the press and Tories, I know that many that read this page follow credos where causing harm is against your beliefs so help stop the harm that being cause it the 21st century and we have children staving, people using food banks, people so depressed at their situation they kill themselves this is not progress, it is not the design of the gods. So today may the gods help you see the real truth and grant you the strength to stand up and say No this is wrong. I am sorry for my rant have a great day Brightest Blessings Draco )o(/|\
  • 9th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Bat, Flying Moon.
    Characteristics: Day is critical…

    9th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Bat, Flying Moon.
    Characteristics: Day is critical and dangerous. Day of nightmares, illusions, deceit, confusion, dark energies. It may lead to conflicts, arguments, nervousness. On the opposite, futile hope and belief in what's happening, temptation to see everything "rosy" may lead to future disappointments.

    Recommendations: Cleansing of thoughts, body and soul, active protection from aggression and negativity is necessary. Forgiveness of those who hurt us is very effective. It's important to learn to overcome temptations and obstacles of this day. Just like every moon day, this day has positive energies that can be used for spiritual growth. Wisdom perspective will help to find solutions in dead-end situations. Day is great for physical exercise and yoga.

    Precautions: Do not get caught today in illusions, empty dreams and desires. Family fights, skirmishes and scandals should be avoided. Making important decisions, and staring new business is not recommended.

  • Tuesday — Tiu's day
    Middle English tiwesday or tewesday
    Old English tiwesdæg "T…

    Tuesday — Tiu's day
    Middle English tiwesday or tewesday
    Old English tiwesdæg "Tiw's (Tiu's) day"
    Latin dies Martis "day of Mars"
    Ancient Greek hemera Areos "day of Ares"

    Tiu (Twia) is the English/Germanic god of war and the sky. He is identified with the Norse god Tyr.

    Mars is the Roman god of war.

    Ares is the Greek god of war.

  • Sunrise: 5:11 AM BST
    Sunset: 9:17 PM BST
    Length of Day: 16h 06m
    Tomorrow will be…

    Sunrise: 5:11 AM BST
    Sunset: 9:17 PM BST
    Length of Day: 16h 06m
    Tomorrow will be 2m 17s shorter.
    Moon Rise: 2:24 PM BST
    Moon Set:
    Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent 51% Illuminated

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    If there is a situation, problem, possible menace you are facing, there is a knot spell for this.
    Take the cord and firmly visualize the problem in all its agonizing detail.
    Become emotional about it; seethe with anger, crumble into tears, whatever works.
    Then firmly tie the knot. Walk away from it, out of the room if possible.
    Take a shower, eat, do whatever will get your mind off the spell and allow you to relax.
    When your emotions are stabilized return to the knot. With calm and peace untie the knot.
    See the problem vanishing; dissolving into a dust that is swept away by the cleansing,
    refreshing North wind. It is done.

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