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    Items Needed:
    –2 to 4 pounds of paraffin Thin candlewicking Green candle dye (or a green crayon)
    –1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg A small bowl Patchouli essential oil
    –A large pot A clean coffee can Baking soda (for fire safety) 1 wooden spoon Wax paper
    1. To speed the melting process, grate or chop the paraffin into small pieces before melting.
    Fill the large pot about 1/3 full of water. Place on high heat until boiling.
    Place the paraffin in the coffee can, and set the can into the pot. Turn the heat down to medium.
    Watch the paraffin as it's melting. Paraffin easily bursts into flames over high heat (this is exactly
    why it's used to make candles). If flames appear, place a lid over the can or drench the area with
    baking soda to snuff out the fire. If you keep the heat low you should have no problems.
    2. While the paraffin is melting, place the two spices into the bowl. Mix them together, empowering
    them as you visualize money manifesting in your life. Infuse the herbs with your goal.
    3. Check the paraffin. For best results, you should have at least 6 inches of melted paraffin.
    If there's less, add more paraffin. (If the paraffin has melted, but has begun to harden, the heat
    is too low. Turn it up a bit.) Add a few chunks of green candle dye to the paraffin and mix with
    the wooden spoon. Alternately, remove the paper wrappings from a green crayon, break it into
    pieces, and add this to the paraffin. The dye will melt. Stir until the paraffin is evenly colored.
    The finished, dried candles will be a shade or two lighter than the color of the melted paraffin.
    More dye may be necessary to create the desired dark green shade.
    4. Once the paraffin has been tinted, sprinkle the spices onto the paraffin with your projective hand.
    Dust off your fingers over the pot and stir the herbs into the paraffin with the wooden spoon.
    Stir clockwise and visualize. Add eight to sixteen drops patchouli essential oil to the paraffin and
    again stir with the wooden spoon. Smell the paraffin. It should be heavily scented.
    If not, add more patchouli oil.
    5. Begin dipping. Hold a length of cotton wicking between your thumb and forefinger.
    Dunk it into the paraffin. It will probably just float on the surface the first few times you
    do this, for the wick lacks enough weight to plunge it to the bottom of the can.
    After dipping, remove it and hold it in the air for a moment or two until the paraffin has set,
    then dip again. Dip again, lifting the wicking completely from the melted paraffin, allow
    the paraffin to set, and re-dip. Repeat as needed.
    The longer you wait between drippings, allowing the paraffin to harden, the faster the candle
    will build up. If you simply dunk and dunk and dunk, the hot paraffin will melt each proceeding
    coat and you'll end up with a soggy piece of wick. With proper dipping, the candle will soon form.
    Its bottom will grow into an inverted cone-shape from the paraffin that drips down the taper's
    sides as it cools. This is natural; don't worry about it.
    6. When the candle has achieved the proper width, hang it dry in a spot where it won't be
    touched for several minutes. Test the candle after 20 or so minutes. The paraffin should have
    set but the taper should still be warm. Check it periodically to be sure that it hasn't completely
    hardened before the next step.
    7. Turn off the heat under the paraffin. Place the wax paper on a counter or table.
    Lay the candle on the paper and gently, with an easy rocking motion roll the candle back
    and fourth on the wax paper. This straightens the taper and reduces irregularities on its surface.
    8. When the candle is fairly straight, cut off the inverted cone at the bottom of the candle with a
    sharp knife. Dip the taper two more times into the melted paraffin and hang to dry until hard.
    You've just made a money candle. (To save time and produce more tapers, make two, three,
    or four at a time. Hang each to dry as you dip the next.)
    9. To use your Money Spell Candle, choose a time when you'll be alone.
    Smell the rich, prosperous scent and visualize money manifesting in your life.
    Hold the candle tightly between your palms.
    Send energy into it, saying something like the following words:
    "I charge you by Jupiter, I charge you by the Earth, I charge you by the Sun, Moon,
    and Stars:
    Bring money to me, Prosperity.
    Money to me, Prosperity.
    Money to me, Prosperity."
    Set the candle in a holder. Light it.
    Sit or stand before it, watching the flame transform the wax into a liquid.
    Visualize the candle releasing the energies that you've placed within it.
    Sense it sending out the power to bring your need for money into manifestation.
    Let the candle burn down to its end (if in a safe location).
    Or allow it to burn for 4, 8, or 16 minutes daily until your need manifests.
    Note: Never blow out the candle. Always use a candle snuffer.
    always add "May this money come to me without any harm or distress to others…"

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    Wishing all our friends, family and customers a wonderful Winter solstice (we have started early here in glastonbury lol) ur support, love and warmest wishes has been truly wonderful for us and our little shop and here's to us growing and moving forward looking forward to what adventures are to come )O( BB Maria & Kate

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    (¸ڿڰۣ ƸӜƷ posted by: www.GoddessHerb.com ƸӜƷڿڰۣ) (¯`•♥•´¯) ╭დ╯❥➥❥ »—-(¯`v´¯)—»
    “Every tree, every plant, has a spirit. People may say that a plant has no mind. I tell them that a plant is alive and conscious. A plant may not talk, but there is a spirit in it that is conscious, that sees everything, which is the soul of the plant, its essence, what makes it alive…When one takes ayahuasca one can sometimes hear how the trees cry when they are going to be cut down. They know beforehand, and they cry.”

    – Pablo César Amaringo, retired Peruvian ayahuasquero

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  • Good morning today I want to focus on a response to something I posted well it n…
    Good morning today I want to focus on a response to something I posted well it not the comments but the fact that an HP disagreed now we all have our own paths some solitary some coven controlled and I have used the word controlled correctly. But knowledge is not a gift or something you cant pick or choose facts are facts in history our truth lies (correct use of word) in the future our truth hides it only in ourselves does wisdom provide logic and understanding I know two things one is I am going to die the other is the divine is unable to be understood fully and its only when we accept that fact deities have no more meaning than archetypes, Christians believe in 1 god Wiccan’s believed in duality there are those that believe in Pantheon’s we must forget our differences and accept our sameness we are all seekers of divine light but it’s a personal path to return to the divine which is something that cannot be achieved by belief but only understanding Brightest Blessings Draco )o(/|\
  • 8th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Flame, Fire.
    Characteristics: Day of humility and f…

    8th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Flame, Fire.
    Characteristics: Day of humility and forgiveness, purity and transformation. Day of the inner fire that cleanses and purifies.

    Recommendations: Today we have to be pure and selfless, free ourselves from the weight of problems, and everything that holds us back, and move forward. Good day to visit with close friends and relatives, to forgive, bring positive new changes, build better relationships. Cleansing and fasting is recommended. Good to meditate on open flames, and cleanse home with burning candles.

    Precautions: Meeting with unreliable people, stress and strain should be avoided. Be careful with fire! Sex is not recommended.

  • Moon Day 8

    An auspicious day for trips, especially a business trip or long jou…

    Moon Day 8

    An auspicious day for trips, especially a business trip or long journey. The Vedic tradition recommends this day for many different things, including art, physical activities, and any business related to property. This is also thought to be one of the best days for any kind of beginning. However, this could be a critical day for those who are ill.

  • Thursday — Thor's day
    Middle English thur(e)sday
    Old English thursdæg
    Old Norse…

    Thursday — Thor's day
    Middle English thur(e)sday
    Old English thursdæg
    Old Norse thorsdagr "Thor's day"
    Old English thunresdæg "thunder's day"
    Latin dies Jovis "day of Jupiter"
    Ancient Greek hemera Dios "day of Zeus".
    Thor is the Norse god of thunder. He is represented as riding a chariot drawn by goats and wielding the hammer Miölnir. He is the defender of the Aesir, destined to kill and be killed by the Midgard Serpent.

    Jupiter (Jove) is the supreme Roman god and patron of the Roman state. He is noted for creating thunder and lightning.

    Zeus is Greek god of the heavens and the supreme Greek god.

  • Sunrise: 8:10 AM GMT
    Sunset: 4:02 PM GMT
    Length of Day: 7h 51m
    Tomorrow wil…

    Sunrise: 8:10 AM GMT
    Sunset: 4:02 PM GMT
    Length of Day: 7h 51m
    Tomorrow will be 0m 3s shorter. (tom goes to zero)
    Moon Rise: 11:49 AM GMT
    Moon Set: 12:03 AM GMT
    Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent 51% Illuminated

  • 2012 Planetary Alignment
    2012 Planetary Alignment – Since the Mayan calendar is based on cycles, December 21, 2012 merely indicates the end of a cycle that began on August 11, 3114 BC. There is no evidence from any Mayan literature suggesting that the world will come to an end.

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