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    How many of you have invoked The Lord and Lady in this way? Do you have your own way to invoke Them?

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    Today (Jan. 8) coincides with the twenty-sixth day of the month of Poseideon – the day of the agricultural festival of Haloa.

    The Haloa is a gratitude festival celebrated in the ancient times at Eleusis in honour of Demeter, Dionysus and Poseidon.

    fruits, grain, and wine were the only edible offerings which were offered up to the Gods of the festival. It was both a gratitude festival and a festival to ask the Gods to bless the fields and orchards that they may have a plentiful harvest.

    Picture: terracotta votive frieze of Demeter and Poseidon from Metaponto

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    In the mood to laugh ā™„

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    This is a great rite for this time of year! ♥

    Bright Blessings ♥

    Yvonne )O(

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    Native American Astrology (based on animal totems). Which one are you? I'm a Beaver! ♥

  • Brighid's Crossroads Divination
    Not sure where you're going these days? Let Brighid, the goddess of the crossroads, guide you and inspire you during this Imbolc divination ritual.

  • Make a Brighid's Cross
    The Brighid's Cross takes many forms in different parts of Ireland, and is used to symbolize the goddess herself. It may be pre-Christian in origin, despite its appearance, and although you can buy inexpensive versions in Irish craft stores, it's easy enough to make your own.

  • Brighid's Mantle – History and Lore
    What is Brighid's Mantle? This simple piece of cloth is connected to not only the goddess Brighid, but also Saint Brighid. Learn why the mantle is magical, and how you can make one of your own.

  • How To Honor Brighid at Imbolc — Group Ritual
    Imbolc is a time to celebrate Brighid, the goddess of hearth and home. Celebrate her many aspects with this ritual, suitable for any size group.

  • Brighid – Hearth Goddess of Ireland
    A daughter of the Dagda, Brighid is one of the classic triple goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. Many Pagans and Wiccans honor her today as a goddess of the hearth and home, and divination and prophecy.

  • …And a Torch to Guide You
    )O( @[330804050315234:274:The Wyrding Way] )O(

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    Stand tall and proud
    Sink your roots deeply into the earth
    Reflect the light of your true nature
    Think long term
    Go out on a limb
    Remember your place among all living beings
    Embrace with joy the changing seasons
    For each yields its own abundance
    The energy and birth of spring
    The growth and contentment of summer
    The wisdom to let go the leaves in the fall
    The rest and quiet renewal of winter

    Feel the wind and the sun
    And delight in their presence
    Look up at the moon that shines down upon you
    And the mystery of the stars at night
    Seek nourishment from the good things in life
    Simple pleasures
    Earth, fresh air, light
    Be content with your natural beauty
    Drink plenty of water
    Let your limbs sway and dance in the breezes
    Be flexible
    Remember your roots
    Enjoy the view!
    ~ Ilan Shamir
    Art © Silas Stoddard, Tree of Life
    ♥ @[222770714439924:274:Rivers in the Ocean]

  • Good morning everyone well its Tuesday so as we move slowly through the week and…
    Good morning everyone well its Tuesday so as we move slowly through the week and towards the new moon in 3 days time we need to keep up our energy levels and not get caught up in negative thoughts patterns so today may the Air blow away our fears and woes, may Fire burn away our frustrations as the Waters wash away our doubts while the Earth holds us stable in our resolve May our Spirit connect to the divine and remind of how special we are may the gift of the elements connect us to all we met and make today a joyful day Brightest Blessings draco )o(/|\
  • 27th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Trident.
    Characteristics: Day of secret knowledge,…

    27th Moon Day info:

    Symbols: Trident.
    Characteristics: Day of secret knowledge, intuition, prayers, verbal magic, meditation, exploration, search. Day of hope, faith and love. Day of travelers, mystic, healers.

    Recommendations: Day is best spent planning for the nearest future. It's possible to receive various information through intuition, explore the world from different perspective. Cleansing, water treatments (bath, sauna) are recommended.

    Precautions: Avoid falling into illusions. Beginning of a new business is not recommended. Avoid acting alone, it's a day of collective actions. Avoid alcohol, drugs.

  • Moon Day 27

    An auspicious day in all traditions. The only difference is that V…

    Moon Day 27

    An auspicious day in all traditions. The only difference is that Veda doesn't recommend travelling, whilst Globa suggests it is positive for travel, but advises against drinking alcohol.

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