Pics From Summer Solstice 2013

JpegFor those that follow my Facebook page you will already know i moved to Trowbridge in November 2012 and as a solitary eclectic witch my practices have a Wicca root so as the summer solstice  was yesterday.

I spent the morning cleaning and dancing to Kate West‘s “Elements Of chants”  Unshine  and my friends Legend and Lindie Lila and some others. I went of into the garden and new i had to build something.

It started Thursday when i set my self two goals for the solstice, one is to decorate the bathroom and the other to start creating my garden so it becomes a sacred space for magick, so once i mowed the lawn and trimmed edges, i knew that the mound of earth was a perfect for the Aphrodite solar light i bought coz when i saw it i loved it, well i walked away saying to myself its a bit tacky if i still like it once i have wandered around the shop i’ll get it! I took two steps and grabbed one of the shelve i knew i have to have it.

At that point i knew where it was going and i also saw the red plant in Tesco feel in love with it and like most witches i am not rich in fact i am poor, yes theirs a cyber cauldron shop but if no one buys its an expensive gallery lol, so i had to think very hard about spending £10 0n a plant so i left it .

but after careful thought what could i give up to get a few plants that will bring you more joy i set my self the budget of the plant but over spent and bought 3 more 2 on special i knew i would over spend before i left the house.

But the Divine  was guiding and on my journey and i felt i needed to connect along the way so went through Bliss Meadow Trowbridge and i had to stop and take some pictures.

So here are some places i visited to meditate of the day, please enjoy and feel free to download as Desk to wall paper full can be found in my Facebook gallery


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