Three Degrees Of Wicca

rede wicca 714593 250x300 Three Degrees Of WiccaLike most pagan paths Wicca has a degree system although the degree system exists it is not based upon requirements of learning it is main based upon suitability for the role.

Wicca has three degrees-

First Degree

The first degree is open to all and it marked by initiation into a coven, a person of the opposite sex does this initiation although there are exceptions to this rule such as a woman can initiate her daughter or a man can initiate his son if no one of required degree is available to do it. In some circumstances a First degree can initiate others.

Initiation to first degree can happen very quickly in some covens requiring very little knowledge of the craft the idea behind this is “Bring ‘em in and let the Goddess sort them out” type of approach while other covens require some basic knowledge of Wicca such as generally used chants, circle principles, simple energy work, Coven etiquette, etc.

To move in to the second and third degree a first degree must develop the following-

  • Understands the Coven principles and basic circle etiquette
  • Has rapport with other Coven members (or with your 2nd/3rd Degree Sponsor)
  • Has gathered together the basic Witches tools of- Athame, Cords, Robe and a robe belt.
  • Has learned the “Witches Rune”.
  • Has developed basic visualisation skills.
  • Can “Ground and centre”.
  • Can enter the twilight-altered state of consciousness in which magic happens.
  • Can sense true Power Flow (i.e. senses it if it is there and doesn’t if it isn’t) and channels Power for magickal work (with guidance). 
  • Is acquainted with the theory of the Elements, similar basic Wiccan theories and principles, and can tap the basic elemental energies for such as consecrating working tools.
  • Has participated in Wiccan rituals and experienced true group rapport.

The minimum time for a person to stay a first degree is a year and a day although many choose to stay at first-degree level permanently. For those that choose the extra responsibility may continue to the second and third degree if found suitable by the High priest and High priest or in exceptional circumstances such as if the coven stop meeting and they have a suitable partner to continue alone but they will remain a first degree unless initiated by a second degree to the second degree then by a third degree to third degree.

(Second and third degrees relate mainly to levels of responsibly and more active roles within a coven)

The Second Degree

The second degree marks the point when the Initiate chooses to take a deeper interest in the craft and craft skills in areas such as craft-work, herbalism, incense making, practical magick, ritual and ceremony, and a desire to take a more active role in the coven and it training and running.

Second degrees are evaluated on the people skills and organisational, social, magickal and ritual skills.

The Third degree

The Third degree is offered to couples that wish to hive off and start their own coven with the high priest and priestess permission or to those that choose to stay in the coven, as they have no suitable partner but have enough knowledge with in the coven and in life to be responsible leaders.

Some members are prevented from gaining the third degree if they are deemed unsuitable not as a punishment but as a way of preventing ill run covens as some people however willing just do not have the personality for leadership. A third degree must be able to step into the role of high priest and priestess with ease acting as leader and counsellor, teacher and advisor with out the need of petty power plays. They should know all the ritual by rote and have a vast knowledge from healing to divination as well as some practical skills in specialised areas acquired during their time at second degree

A good Coven will have range of all degrees providing a vast pool of knowledge from which the initiate can draw from.

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