Ways of connecting with the Tarot

As you learn tarot by whatever means book, from a teacher or off the Internet you will find that you can either work with Tarot or not if you can then stop find another tool for divination that you are better suited to such as runes or crystal balls never force it. If you can work with tarot you are going to want to connect with them one a spiritual as well as personal level. Never read for yourself you will only ever see what you want to see and never use them as a magic eight ball to help you decide what to do. But do use them to help you become a better person and connect fully with the cards there are some excellent techniques to this in the Hallow quest the book that goes with Arthurian Tarot

It is important when connecting with tarot that you show respect and treat your cards well, Insure that when you pick your tarot pack that you choose a pack with imagery and symbology that you can connect to personally. If you�re a bit of a traditionalist then the Waite-Smith or Rider Waite Tarot, If you enjoy and have a big interest in the Arthurian legends then Arthurian Tarot By John & Caitlin Matthews or if you�re a gay man then the Gay Tarot, it does not matter what pack and there are hundreds to choose from just as long as it feels right to you.

Always keep your cards safe and protected, show them respect keep them in a tarot bag or tarot box or both. Keep them away from things that can charge them or drain them of their energy.

One of the easiest times to connect with tarot cards is when you first get a pack this first technique is used on a new tarot deck but can be also used to re energise a tarot deck.

When you first open the pack don�t shuffle or look at the cards place your dominant hand below the cards (normally your right hand) and your passive hand on top of the pack find your own internal energy (see playing with understanding and playing with energies) and place it in the centre of your chest around the position of you heart chakra. Allow it to grow and move down your right arm and push it through the cards and back up your left arm until it completes a circle of energy. Keep the energy moving in circular motion seeing your own energies clearing the cards of all negativities and filling the cards with your own energy.

As the cards become infused with your energy your own energy will be able to pass through the tarot deck with much more ease. You will know when the cards are completely clean of all negatives and are attuned to yourself, as the energy flowing through your arms and chest will stabilise into a continuous loop that has a steady pulse. Once you�re at this stage say an incantation or state that you want the cards to guide and show you all you need to know.

Then put the cards to one side and wash hand under running cold water to wash way any remaining negativity the follow instructs on pack or from book.

This next technique for connecting with the cards is an adaptation from the Hallow quest. Centre yourself then pick a tarot card from the tarot deck spend sometime looking at the design of the card the details do this until you can close your eyes and visualise the card as a real place with real people and real animal visualise your self walking around inside the cards talk to the people in the card find out what they are doing their, look behind trees and building look pass the image of the card find out what lie beyond or what is hidden when your ready to leave see the visualisation returning to a flat image then open your eyes and write you feelings and any information you gained. You will need to be very creative with this visualisation and allow yourself to just imagine.

The third way to connect with the tarot cards is a fun way by using the cards to tell a story and is not a new technique pick some cards at random from the pack I would say no more than 10 place the tarot cards in a pile next to you and start to write a story start with a lead person a knight a princess etc and turn a card over and incorporate that card into the story here is an example �Rodger the knight was walking when (turn card = the Hermit) he met a hermit that lived in the woods�� Just fill the stories with as much detail and feeling as you can imagine, and let yourself be inspired by the cards. Although many of your stories will not make it to the best seller list you should when you read them back you should be able to see a relation with your own life giving an insight to yourself.

Way to insure your cards remain connected do�s and don�ts


  • Keep you cards in a safe place
  • Use a Tarot Box or Bag
  • Respect them as a tool of your work
  • Find a pack that suits you


  • Let anyone else use your cards
  • Use them as game cards
  • Don�t leave them lying around
  • Read for yourself.
  • Don�t let the cards make your choices for you.
  • Don�t read for anyone under influence of drink or drugs

This was continued from tarot cards�part 1

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